Cash Incentive?

It isn’t for the money, money money, sang the bird on the telly whose name, thankfully, escapes me. Pink Floyd regularly leap from my speakers trilling: “Money get away. Get a good job with more pay. And you’re O.K”. Nirvana, Steve Miller, oh a host of others, even the illustrious, although ultimately ill fated Captain Farrell himself, have brought the subject of silver to song. But is it all about the money? Is there more to being an acoustic musician at our level anyway, than seeking the next paid gig?[1]

Be welcome Gentle Reader, and read on…


Is there anywhere on this God’s good earth, a better way of spending your time than being involved with music?

Well, yes, admittedly, I thought of that too, but apart from that, can you think of anything more fulfilling?[2]

As far as we are concerned, the whole thing has been life changing – and in a good way too. Being simple souls, we decided that we enjoy the music, the people, the clubs, the playing, writing and recording so much, that we aren’t going to obfuscate the whole thing by worrying too much about the money.

I have a feeling that Fool’s Gold, although tolerably well known, and some places, God help us, even liked, may not be a passport to riches just yet.

Even some of the ‘names’ that we have met on our travels – and that includes people you have actually heard of – seem to derive the majority of their satisfaction from audience reaction, playing and usually a pint, rather than the fee, which, they seem to realise, is likely to cover expenses and like a designer swimsuit, not a lot else.


That’s not to say we don’t want to be rich and famous. Like anyone else in possession of a plunking plank[3], squeeze box, parping stick or indeed a flatulent flageolet; we want to be up there on the stage. But not for the cash, but to play our music. That’s what keeps FG on the road[4].

A brief aside on the subject of money before we leave the tawdry subject to lottery winners and MP’s expenses claims, we were looking for ‘the’ final touch to just add ‘that’ whatever it is to the latest FG recordings. I used two or three professional DAW and mastering software packages. The best? A free download from an open source site.



This week FG world has exploded into a situation of even greater madness than the great madness that the FG world usually has madness of. Not with playing mind you, apart from a very pleasant evening at South Shields Folk Club (see Doug’s pics below) where we were invited back to present our Beat The Drum Help for Heroes charity CD, it has been the aforementioned charity project that has gone whizzy this week. A huge mailout to clubs and friends has produced so far 100% positive noises of support. We are completely stunned by the response and can only say a huge thank you to all those who have so far responded. I’m waiting another day or two to wait for a few more replies coming back, then we’ll be contacting all the respondents to work out dates, Lovely and lovelier, and once again – thank you all the folks who have so far said yes! That, and the artwork completed, the CD copied and printed up, another newspaper article and some interest from unusual areas, and it has been a great week. All we have to do now is make it work.

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And, another little announcement for you – when is a duo not a duo?

When it’s a trio, it would seem. Middle Urchin Dave, bass player late of AKA and The Betty Ward Band has, with time on his hands now and then, rehearsed up a few FG standards with us, and when the time is right, the moon is in the right quarter and the signs sufficiently holy, will join us on acoustic bass guitar. We had great fun playing together and look forward to dragging him around the place.


Last weeks comment about Hand-Built guitars versus a rather nice top of the range Taylor has, perhaps predictably, encouraged a little debate amongst a few Acoustic Chums and regular consumers of this musical mundanity. Opinions are, amazingly, split. Of the six or seven correspondences I received on the subj. there were six or seven different views expressed. Or perhaps it was the same view expressed differently – all AC’s basically said they liked their plank the best. Just as it should be.


So the Kings Head and Washerwoman’s Legs Folk Club is celebrating. Apparently it is a full seven years since they were founded, and still under the same chairman. Some say that Folk Club chairman have a job for life, but having met a few that don’t qualify, I don’t think it’s that. A party has been organised and a roster of the regulars has been drawn up for a night of music in celebration. The resident scratch band will be on hand. That’s the Chairman on Guitar and his cronies on accordion, mandolin and, rather unwisely, cahon. It’s not really a cahon, it’s actually made up from body parts of the last guest who refused to do Streets of London. Sellotape are back from a world tour of Chigley and will be doing their very own interpretation of The Fields of Athenry, which is notable for the reggae section in the middle. Arthur will be on hand with his spoons, Colin will have a poem in honour of the occasion and neither will be called by the chairman. There will even be a banjo duel featuring Charlie and Daniel; this will be nearer eleven o’clock – the lads arrive at seven, but have to tune up first. As the club is in a former fishing community – The Birds Eye Factory next door closed a year ago; the theme of the evening will be songs of the seafood.

After that Gentle Reader, you can do your own gags…


I notice that the bottom of the page is rapidly approaching, and despite the wonderful ability of Word to go on ad-nauseam, I am slightly wiser than that. So as the Folk Club Celebration of fate collides with the group jam of infinity and the seventy seventh chorus of Sloop John B causes the landlord to ring time early, I notice it is the end of this blog.


Until next time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’



[1] Look, I know there isn’t, but go with me on this one; ok?

[2] That, Gentle Reader, was just rude – and probably painful.

[3] And if yours is, seek help forthwith.

[4] A few bob for petrol would be nice.



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