Easter eh?

A time of many things, depending on your persuasions religious and secular.

Some of you will be reading this having tucked in to a hearty meal with family, others out and about or for some of you after a period of reflection with your God.[1]

But this, Gentle Readers is the Land of Fool’s Gold (I realise that last word to be superfluous) and for us Easter, like it’s original significance, is a time of rebirth and growing again.

No, you multitudinous clots, we haven’t burrowed down with the spuds to await watering, I speak in terms musical.

Musical Rebirth? Best be bid welcome Gentle Reader, and read on…

The Charity CD project is gathering momentum. Scarily so in some respects. We have been up hill and down dale[2] scouting out new venues to sally forth and bring the word of FG to the masses.

And we found some. Plans are afoot, and to be honest I can’t say more than that at this stage. As so often, promises and plans can, like the Hesperus, be wrecked; broken upon the rocks of chance, so I’ll keep my trap shut until it either is confirmed or does a swift Nautilus.[3] But it is very exciting.

The new track is completed and a rough mix is available for all those so inclined to have a listen.

It can be found at:


Why a rough mix – well, hopefully I’ll be able to put the arm on you all to buy the charity EP when it is released on July 1st 2012, so you’ll want something other than what is available for free. It will cost (is ‘cost’ the right term?) the princely sum of £5 of this earthly realm. If you want to support Help for Heroes a bit more handsomely, fine, put a bit more in the pot. It will have four tracks on it – hence the EP appendation, all of the profit will go to the charity. We have been given permission to use some superb photos for the CD artwork and Photoshop is burning, if not white hot, at least doesn’t need a tea cosy. Immense thanks Karen McWhirter – check her out as kascam9 on flikr.

In case you haven’t been following the relentless tide of drivel that is the FG blog, we are supporting Help for Heroes because we have two kids (they will always be kids to us) that decided to go a-soldiering, and so they should. But when they are in Afghanistan and the news comes on, believe me, Gentle Reader, you’d support Help for Heroes too.

So what of The King’s Head and Washerwoman’s Legs Folk Club? It has been quiet like many clubs over the holiday period so Olson N Johnson, the Chairman in residence, and if you have any sense, the next chairman in residence, decided that this last week would be a singaround rather than a ‘spot’ format. All went well until the arrival of Gibson and Taylor, collectively known as ‘Afterburn’. If you haven’t caught them (and you have, oh; you have) they travel abroad with an arsenal of weapons including octave mandolin, cittern and most fearsome of all, detuned melodeon. They specialise in traditional songs of the English Maritime Tradition, which means that traditionally, the British Navy couldn’t sing or play an instrument. However after a couple of rounds of the ‘Sailor’s Farewell’, most punters had bidden these sailors a farewell and beggared off home.  Ah well, maybe next week.[4]  [5]


This week and we for Richmond Folk Club, just to join in the singaround; not like the one above though. Paul Cullen ran a tight and orderly ship and it was a grand evening with some great songs and music as well as some interesting tales to go with the songs. We trotted out ‘The Long March’ for the first time, and seemed to go down reasonably well. Must be said that FG likes going there, nice folks and nice setting.

So to the week ahead? The last song to record, the printer to sort out, venues to approach – quite a list. We won’t hear about our ‘other’ plan for a week or so, so a nervous time on that one. Basically lots to do. We hope to join ‘Ace’ Higgins, and the good looking talented one of itsAcoustica on  Thursday at The Grey Horse in Consett, and Carol is having a go at a website all about the Help for Heroes project – busy, busy, busy…

And so as the page end draws ever closer, I notice that the Johnson has made a final call for beers, waited until ‘Afterburn’ have hurried to the bar and then announced the final act. Revenge, it seems, is a dish best served carefully. So as the painstaking rehearsal of fate meets the forgotten lyric of destiny and the lost chord of the universe turns out to be an A minor[6]; I notice, it’s the end of the blog.

Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’


[1] If She was in. Look, you wouldn’t expect me to say anything else, would you?

[2] If you’re doing the ‘Winton’ joke, you should be ashamed of yourself

[3] Sometimes, I think this thing should come with subtitles.

[4] If you are new to this blog; why?

[5] Anyway; this folk club does not exist. Except, as you all know, it does…

[6] It is always an Am. When the universe was created, the soundtrack was in Am. Then it modulated through C and into G. On the seventh day, there was a rest.


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