As a child, it was the shadow of a tree moving in the moonlight on my bedroom wall that provided night terrors. In adult life, we are all familiar with nightmares, naked in public seems to be a common one – or does that simply say more about the people I know? Continuous falling, looping events, struggling to reach something through an impenetrable, and often invisible barrier – all night dreams which cause the Therapist to relax, sit back and smile – he knows this one.

However – and that made the Therapist sit up – sometimes one does not have to be asleep to have a nightmare…

Be welcome Gentle Reader, and read on…


I have threatened over the last few weeks to keep my musings short – and have then generally gone on to write screeds, but not this week.

We have been busy with the new song, still title-less but may be something like The Long March Home, or something along those lines. Guitar parts have been worked out and the vocal lines and harmonies settling into place. Still some way to go, but we should be able to reveal it to the wrapt and adoring masses soon[1].

Acoustic Chums and Gentle Readers alike will be interested to learn that we went to visit Steve ‘The Nugget’ Wilson during the week. Just a short visit, but I am pleased to report that Steve is battling on and digging furiously in an upward direction. He hopes to surface, mole-like and blinking some time this year, and although we will not (I think) see him on the music scene for some time to come, I feel this year has a good chance to be kinder to Steve.

We hope so.

Acoustic Chums will be interested to know that I was accosted in a guitar emporium this week, Can’t say which one, obviously, but it has very big Windows. I was looking at the display of Taylor guitars, just to see if my fancied weapon of sonic destruction, an 816 was to be seen. It wasn’t, but I must have appeared fair game, and was engaged in friendly conversation by a member of the sales SWAT team. Shown a 2011 Fall Special Edition Koa, I agreed that it was nice, played it and expressed myself pleased with tone, action, finish, feel undsoweiter. The price was stratospheric. A ‘special’ deal was soon offered, a cut down[2] price was offered should I feel inclined to take it there and then. Declining such a kind offer was very easy[3], and I left with honour and wallet intact. A swift browse of t’internet located the same instrument at Seven Hundred of our English Pounds less than the ticked price I had been shown.

So, Nightmares? One does not have to embrace warmly the welcoming arms of Morpheus to experience night terrors. We sallied to the Berkley this Wednesday, some carousing for to do. Now, before anyone thinks I am sniping at Acoustic Chums, allow me to hasten to the lectern and declare that The Berkley was not the nightmare. Far from it, the usual welcoming AC’s on hand and nice big circle too. We were late so sat patiently awaiting our turn, and upon arrive stood, strummed, parped an intro and struck the chord – Carol opened her mouth and let fly the sort of noise you’d get if an over curried pig attempted to assault a drunken duck unawares. The croaky gremlins had struck, and struck big-time. With no voice other than a rasping quack, we were right at the start of an FG epic…

Now that, my friends is a nightmare.

We got through it somehow, and I can report that The Diva has been taking medication religiously. No, it doesn’t mean she kneels to spoon the linctus, but apparently Diva medicine has a lot to do with chocolate…

Next week we are very busy, Billingham Golf Club on Thursday, the Stormies CD Launch at Loftus on Friday – that will be quiet and restrained I’m sure, and a private-ish gathering to celebrate the completion of End of the Line, a CD by Mr John (yes – ‘The Power’) Jeffery. We’re looking forward to ‘em all!

Thanks to all who downloaded the Android app from the website, it seems to have found favour; maybe I’ll develop the idea sometime.

So as the Sun of Unprotected Singing dips over the Yardarm of the Folk Empire and the MC of Fate notices that the Star Guest of Destiny is already piddled, I notice that it is the end of this blog.

Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’



[1] …as soon as we can locate a wrapt and adoring mass.

[2] More ‘lightly pruned’ than ‘cut down’.

[3] I am, after all, a married man. What’s that my dear? Oh, of course; a happily married man…


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