Plonkers, parpers, pickists and pushers; scratchers, scrapers, screechers and strummers have all had their part to play in our week[1]. As have various venues near and far, and songs old and indeed new. In short a fairly standard week in the whirling cosmos of FG. There is of course detail to be had, but for that Gentle Reader, you must be bid Welcome, and read on.

Actually a fairly quiet week for us in some respects, possibly because the day job is busy, possibly because we want to get some other bits and pieces sorted out, but whatever the reason, I may endeavour not to over-stress the word counter this week and stick to the facts.

Just the facts Ma’am, just the facts.

One of the nicest things, if not the nicest thing about being active on the local acoustic circuit is the people that one gets to meet. There are obvious exceptions, but it is difficult just to leave the Mother in Law at home these days.

The first event this week was a muso’s convention to celebrate Ace Higgin’s 50th. Not looking a day over 80, Andy’s landmark was celebrated in musical style and it was indeed a chance to catch up with several Acoustic Chums, some of which we hadn’t seen for a while, as well as an excuse for a quick plunck and parp too. We wish him many happy returns and hope that his jokes get better soon.

God how we hope that.

Friday saw us attending  The Bridge, again in the company of many AC’s, again, many of whom we hadn’t seen for a while, Turkish Chris, and John ‘The Power’, and Chris Kelly too, whom we have missed in recent months, he of dry with and gentle songs – hope to see him playing soon. This was an opportunity for John to casually drop into the conversation that his new CD ‘End of the Line’ was now available, and that, as fortune happened to have it, by some happenchance twist of fate, he might just have one or two copies about his person – imagine my surprise!

Turns out he did have a couple of copies with him, I have no idea how he got that wheelbarrow up the stairs, but in any event several AC’s relieved him of copies, secure in the knowledge that part of the cover price goes to very worthwhile causes.

So it was with anticipation that we inserted said disk into the car player en-route for home.

(Imagine Gentle Readers: at this point, John has just shot bolt upright in his chair sending the laptop across the room and shouted severally for Eileen and then a restorative brandy).

A Blue Room jiva production, the CD is a very worthwhile and gentle journey through John’s repertoire. Those Acoustic Chums who have enjoyed watching John develop and enjoy his playing will be pleased to know that Mr Power has committed his live set of mostly traditional songs with some more contemporary covers to the surface of a shiny CD. As you might expect from Jimmy the jiva[2], the production is very high quality and supported by Trev Reed(harmonica and vocals), Renata Connors on guitars and voice, and Gerry Beldon on blues harp, John and his team have turned in a very pleasant hour or so of what could be a perfect record of his live show. FG is very pleased to see this CD released, if in no small part because it represents a landmark achievement for John; well done one and all says we.

As for the evening of entertainment at the Bridge, once again we were entertained by ItsAcoustica and Chris Milner. Offered as a full acoustic show the Bridge is a nice no-pa venue, if you ignore the trains, bottle emptying and Friday night sirens. (none of which were intrusive btw).

Andy and Catherine played a number of their hits, and we happily warbled along with ‘em all. Andy produced his five string laxative half way through, but it was too late, we were already enjoying ourselves. It was grand to have a chance to natter with ol’ Turkish Chris too, it seems that the great man is busy touring as I scribble and seems to be out there and playing in a variety of places. His set again was filled with some of our favourite Milner Musings and apparently Chris had another gig after this one…

Check out the website to find out when[3]

And so to Saturday. We and the Wrinkly Wroadies[4] headed for the Ingleton Fundraiser at the Wheatsheaf in Ingleton.  We’ve done this event before and so knew that the day would be filled with a rapid succession of local talent in a sort of quick fire showcase. We were delighted to see that the MC for the day was Phil Graham, local man with the lens, as well as Man with the Stick

A nice natter with Phil and Chris Bonsall, organising chap at large, and a quick watch of Joe Solo – good to see something really individual Joe – and of course Mike Weston, and after a quick blast of FG faves, another event in the diary made us scatter for the hills. I hope the day went really well, sure it did, and maybe we’ll get down to the full festival later in the year.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Final announcement this week is that the War Trilogy (and the accompanying charity CD) now, has four songs in it. At least it will have, when the latest song is knocked into shape and recorded. Yes folks a new FG song has been born and is so young it doesn’t yet have a title, but it IS FG, it IS in open G, it ISN’T too long (although you may be a better judge of that) and (stands back in amazement) it DOESN’T feature death gloom or despondency.

And on that bombshell I notice that the word count has crept up the dial again, so without further ado, as I listen to the rough mix of expectancy and hear the accurate record of disappointment, I notice it is the end of the blog.

Until next time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] Most of it was us

[2] Not of course, the only jiva, for there is also Val the jiva too. Otherwise, he’d be Jimmy the ji. Obvious if you stop to think about it.

[3] Is it in September? Not sure.

[4] If you haven’t met Carol’s Mum and Dad yet, please come across and say hello. I promise you, you will hear more rubbish in half a minute than your mind can cope with.


7 thoughts on “Plonkers

  1. Hi Steve & Carol,
    Thanks for your kind words, they mean a lot to me! Being mainly a “Solo Singer” I think maybe my singing isn’t too bad but sometimes think am I just kidding myself so it’s always good to hear some positive comments – especially from talented folk like you guys. I’ve obviously listened to my CD a time or 99 and there are some little bits I’d change but there comes a time when you have to say “go for it” and start production – strange thing is I recorded Sam Hall but decided that and Ghost Riders / He’ll have to go would not make my little offering – in the case of Sam Hall I thought perhaps it may be a little too traditional for some but lo & behold those famous gold diggers from south of the Tyne started to sing that song! Hmmm maybe I got that one wrong!!!
    Writing this from The Brackenrigg Inn (Ullswater) where me and my roadie are having three nights B+B courtesy of a Groupon deal I hasten to add.
    Keep on digging for Gold!
    John (The Power) Jeffrey

    • It was great meeting you two again. Sorry about the out of focus shot I took of you – in fact, if you look carefully, the posters on the wall behind you are perfectly focussed! Keep singing. Phil

      • Good to see you too; pity we didn’t have time to sit down over a pint and have a good natter. Thanks for teh MC good work and the sound which we were told was spot-on.
        Have to wait and see if we get the call for the festival now!
        Thanks for the photos as well – I look better blurred!

    • Hi Nicol,
      In the upstairs room at The Bridge, you can decide to use PA or not, it’s up to the acts. The Folk Club never uses a PA, Dave would have a pink canary if that happened – although when we did a guest night there we did use a PA and it was fine. We’ve done both, and each have their advantages – like no gear to hump up the stairs!
      And no, you haven’t been reading the log too long, because there is a torrent of Acoustic Rubbish to come yet!
      Keep Strummin’

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