Blogger is an ugly term.

It sounds like a deep sea flatfish or a person of suspect morals who gets up to shenanigans in the woods with more Bloggers.

And possibly flatfish.

If someone who writes books is an author, then why is someone who writes a blog not a Bloather? I suppose someone who plunks music is a musician[1] and someone who chips sculptures is a sculptor, so perhaps Blogger is correct after all and confirms the suspicion we harboured all along.

People who write books are weird.

For more illumination shone into the darkest corners of life, you must be bid welcome Gentle Reader and read on…

Some weeks it’s wondering what to write about, and others it’s wondering what to leave out. This, Gentle Reader, is the most definitely the latter.

Without ado[2] I’d best get cracking.

Monday and we for Aycliffe Village Folk Club in the company of John Snowball. This was a very good night; we got a couple of nice slots, caught up with all sorts of Acoustic Chums and heard Lacewing in the flesh for the first time. That was nice as we have heard good things of them on the circuit and it was nice to be able to appreciate their fine work up close. And we got an invite to Stokesley Folk club, also nice; and His Maj. Bert Draycott (wcsp) performed his World Champion Spoon Playing (now you know) especially for Carol’s parents, much to the amusement of all. A grand night and good to see it well attended.

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Wednesday, and myself in the company of ‘Ace’ Higgins, pilot of the acoustic dreadnaught  It’sAcoustica, headed for the Sage (via the pub) to see Steve Hackett in concert. Those of you who are aware of my prog-rock leanings[3] will not be surprised at me enjoying the former Genesis guitarist’s output. Sage Two is an excellent hall and a great band produced a competent set, without ever managing to get my pulse racing to any noticeable degree above comatose. Even Ace, who is a huge fan of the great man, agreed that last year’s show was better, vocals being the greatest culprit.

It’sAcoustica, and ‘Turkish’ Chris Milner will dance attendance upon you all at The Bridge Hotel in Newcastle on Friday 9th March. This will be a grand evening I’m sure. A door charge of £4 will be levied with an iron hand unless you get in touch with Andy first, when your wallet will rejoice in only being £3 lighter. If you don’t know how to do that, try telling them you’re an Acoustic Chum.

I know I will.

More from:

Probably the biggest, and potentially the news of greatest impact, is the announcement that FG and Mr S ‘The Nugget’ Wilson have finally parted ways. Steve was due to join us at Croxdale next week, but sadly, there is just too much life in the way at the moment and he needs the time to sort out that which professionals term; ‘stuff’. That was the last date we had together, so somewhat earlier than we anticipated, FG will ride out as a duo as of now.

I could not pass on without marking the contribution that Steve has made over the last two years, and to thank him greatly; but mostly to wish him well with whatever Mr Future has hidden in his back pocket, just especially for him.

I hope it’s nice.

We received approval for our Help for Heroes Charity CD this week, which is very good news and so there will be an ‘official’ three track EP available at our appearances before too long. The official launch date is July the Oneth, and we will have to see if we can mark the occasion in some appropriate way. 1st July is the 96th anniversary of the First Battle of the Somme. Seems sadly appropriate.


That’s the new wonder you are reading now by the way[4].

These words of wit and wisdom (sic) arrive in front of your peepers via the magic of the InterWeb carried on the wings of WordPress.

This carrier has been my weapon of choice for some months now, as I ride on my self appointed mission to bring drivel to the masses.

And very effective it is too.

Sort of.

You see, the confusion comes in the form of the WordPress stats tool. It tells me, in theory, how many Acoustic Chums are daft enough, on a weekly basis, to expose themselves to a concentrated torrent of tosh, all about (supposedly) Fool’s Gold and the Acoustic Music scene.[5]

Yet over the past few weeks, the stats tool has had a fit of the screaming abdabs. Apparently this week gone, no-one at all read it until Thursday, when hundreds of you turned up presumably in a charabanc, whereas two weeks ago, within a few minutes of hitting the publish button, the entire population of Greater Manchester had read it. So, I’m beginning to doubt the veracity of the stats, but the point is (oh, yes, there is one…) is to say a heartfelt thanks to all the nice folks in the clubs that have mentioned that they are indeed Acoustic Chums (some preferring to be Gentle Readers, and that’s as it should be) and that they read religiously every week[6], even giving vent, in moments of weakness, to a tiny chuckle. Thanks for reading!

And so, as the end of the blog comes lumbering towards us, borne upon wings of lead, at the folk club the super ego acoustic flat-picker of destiny runs foul of the desperately flat ‘g’ of justice, and everyone pretends not to notice; but he knows.

I now notice that it’s the end of this blog.

Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] Banjo gag anyone? As if I would. Anyway; it says musician.

[2] No, not further ado, as there has not, up to this point in the blog, actually been ado to be further to.

[3] Yes; you can get ointment.

[4] As in; “I wonder why I’m reading this..?”

[5] Oh! Is that what it’s about…

[6] Can I let that one go….

… yes I can, I have restraint, and wear it often.


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