Trilll-uurb! It sang, somewhat insistently.


Once again, in case, on the first attempt, our new telephone’s attempt to imitate a flatulent piglet engaged in the process of terminal bowel evacuation had escaped our notice.

If only.

The lady on the other end was very pleasant. Slightly accented to my northern ear as I am not a native of whichever bit of the subcontinent the delightful lady caller called home, but she was entirely clear and insistent that she needed know all about my habits involving the purchase of vacuum cleaners.

This being none of her business, and well below my interest threshold, I politely declined to tell her.

She rang off.

So too, did the bloke who wanted to buy my windows, the two ladies who were fascinated by my kitchen, and even a lovely man, again from shores distant, who knew all about the virus I have on a  computer I haven’t got, and how to get rid of it.

Then it came to me.

As Folkies, we have a weapon, which, Acoustic Chums, it is time to deploy.

So be bid ‘Welcome’, Gentle Reader, and read on…

I barely had time to mention last week that the Comrades was another very pleasant evening, and I should like to dally a moment, just to offer proper thanks to John and Gerry for organising, running, inviting, and doing many things with –ing on the end, that made the night happen at all, far less be a success. Gigs, Acoustic Chums, are not what they were. They seem to be a little easier, and a lot harder to come by. The chance to play, for the willing and largely vertical muso, is undoubtedly there for the asking. People like John and Gerry are thankfully busily engaged (no, not John to Gerry; do try to keep up) on putting on nights where the chance to shine, Diva-like, is there. However, full evening gigs, with even the chance of a spot of petrol money, they seem to be receding as the recession bites. So Sweet Charity eh?

Well, now it’s funny you should mention that; you must be a mind reader. Carol and I are embarking on a project close to our hearts, which is entirely charity driven.

Some AC’s will know that we have a motley, if spotless collection of children – although alas children no more, and that two of them wear green suits for a living. These green suits mean, that as a consequence of said suit, people shoot at them vigorously every time they go to Afghanistan (five times next visit, since you ask), and that some of their Military Chums, return home with a reduced limb count, or indeed greatly reduced health count to that hitherto enjoyed.

We are working with Help for Heroes to produce a CD of our First World War trilogy (it seemed appropriate somehow) and this will be available within a month or two wherever FG warbles before you. All of the profit will go to the Charity, at this point I don’t know how much we will charge, or even if will; we may let folks make a donation rather than a flat fee, but in any event, if you are interested, then that’s what we are up to.

And if you aren’t; fair enough.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Monday and we for The Bridge Folk Club. We had a very nice night as always, run with a rod of iron by Dave, as always, and it was another chance for us to stand up in the new duo format and attempt to prove that FG has something to offer that way up. Hopefully we established our cause, but that as they say, is for others to judge. Seemed to go well enough tho’.

This following a Sunday at The Stormies Nest in sunny Redcar, where, at the invitation of Mark and Amanda, we attended to offer our sonic contributions to the forthcoming Stormcrow CD. The launch will be at The Station in Loftus on 30th March 2012, doors open7.30pm for a free night of Music, fun and food.

Most songwriters wield a pencil and a piece of paper when writing a song. Mark has no such inhibitions and employs a team of tame welders to help him craft more Tales of The Crow. If you can imagine a folkie version of Frederick Mercury overdubs and songs of truly epic proportions delivered with what William Brown would surely have termed ‘Gusto’, then you will know what to expect. We had a great day, enjoyed the company and admired possibly the most unusual recording studio in this world, or the one next door. Hopefully we will be able to join in at Stromielaunch! Messrs Coggin, Swinburne, Ms Cole et alia will also be represented (I think) so many of the great and the good of Teeside Acoustic Scene will be in attendance. Great stuff, says we.

Just time to mention the FG have been confirmed for the Langdale Festival in Sept, and plans are afoot for other, more ambitious plans… stay tuned Acoustic Chums.


There goes the damn thing again!

Well, no matter as I have my secret weapon to hand. When they ask, “have you thought of having a new kitchen/conservatory/prosthetic elbow”, I shall merely ask them if they have thought of having a Folk Singer to drop round. With a few friends of course, and we shall, at no cost, sing of people long ago who lost their virginity, lives and in an alarming number of cases; both[1], whilst imbibing real ale or Guinness in quantity and most terrifyingly of all – singing at them.

That should do it.

And so as the aspirant guitar plucker of destiny meets the bank manager of fate and becomes the kazoo player of necessity, I notice it’s the end of this week’s blog.

Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] Possibly not simultaneously


4 thoughts on “Trilling

  1. An elderly gentleman I know, when taking such phone calls, waits politely until they’ve finished telling him all about the new kitchen or whatever he’s “won” and then says enthusiastically “Lovely! Oooh, the council WILL be pleased” and then takes great pleasure in their attempts to get back off the phone now they know he doesn’t actually OWN the house! Lol
    Fabulously entertaining blog as always 🙂

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