simple pleasures

Is it in the innocent smile of one’s children that a man can take true pleasure? Perhaps the fond, lingering touch of a lover or simply the sight of a door to door double glazing salesman[1] being savaged by a rabid dog?
The simple pleasures in life must not be understated.

Be welcome, Gentle Reader and read on…

More rehearsals this week ready for the Saltburn hotspot seem to have us in fine trio voice, and ready for Monday, and FG is looking forward to that one – will be good to see folks again. I heard from Amanda and Mark (Stormcrow and apparently to be called ‘Sir’ at Saltburn) during the weekend and had a (very) interestin’ conversation about music and what they are up to. Apparently we are going to join the Stormies in the recording studio before too long, to contribute to Mark’s insane vision of a CD; I am confident in calling it insane without causing offence (or a small potting shed) as I think it’s wonderful insanity!

At one point during the week, I found myself passing the door of Acoustic Chums jiva, and owing ji money, stopped by on the off chance. It was nice not just to settle an outstanding and pretty darn ancient debt (in respect of an Anthony John Clarke CD), but also to chew the breeze and shoot the fat over a cuppa and catch up on what metal folk pals Jimmy and Val have been up to. It seems I can report that all in the jiva camp is healthy and well, but don’t take my word for it, read their alpha McBetical blog and find out what goes on in the blue room after hours.

I am also now privy to a special secret; and could reveal the identity of the new jiva Vergeltungswaffen, but I daren’t because Val is an expert in Ikebana (purple belt).

However, it is VERY metal indeed, can go waaaa-aaaay past 11, and is apparently called ‘Tinkleplunk’.

On the duo front, Carol and I have worked up some new songs and re-worked some of the old stuff and are ready to hit the road, if not running, at least dragging ourselves along by our elbows, whimpering.

So, Wednesday saw FG II with new road crew Doug and Pauline at The Berkley for their weekly Berkleyday outing. As blogged previously, this is a very welcoming evening with some lovely music and interesting music set-ups too. Gerry and his muse[2] performed some lovely material with nice tight harmonies and it was good to catch up with Acoustic Chum Trev reed and see how the developing project with Renata is shaping up – interesting musical times for all lie ahead, that’s for sure. If you are passing The Berkley on a Wednesday evening, it is well worth dropping in to play or listen. It’s easy to find, just look for a pub with a plaque above the door which declares “FG approved”.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ve also been playing in the studio, me messing about with the old bass pedals in a couple of songs. It sounds great to me, but it would do, wouldn’t it? My new Dr Synth DS-330 has arrived from ebay and sounds lovely and warm. This set up would be impossible for a floor spot, but maybe if we get any more offers of extended spots, guests, tours of Indonesia, Indochina or Into Teeside, we might trot the gear out and see how it goes down. Don’t expect a full on prog onslaught with me donning silver cape and long blonde wig[3] and Carol giving her best Lana Lane[4] impersonation; more just a hint of extra instrumentation to add to the story of the songs. Time, as they say, will tell.

The Klub #1

So, finally to return to the theme of what gives a chap pleasure (and please, stop sniggering, we got there before you), it might be simply be the reward of watching the readership figures of a blog go up and up and up.

Thank you for reading.

And so, as the Solo Piper of fate sits in the corner of the folk club and eyes the clock of justice and wonders if his turn will ever  come, and the MC of Destiny eyes the same clock and bloody well knows the answer, I notice that it is the end of this blog,

Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] With a banjo

[2] Memory. That’s what I need, a …wossname?

[3] That’s the weekend, and nothing to do with you

[4] No, not some  Superman neo-bint, this one:


2 thoughts on “simple pleasures

  1. Twas good to see you indeed – thanks for the mensh and link.

    ‘Tinkleplunk’ is the official/Sunday name – we just call her ‘Daisy’ (for obvious reasons to those ‘in the know’).

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