Creatively speakin’…

In the beginning there was the World.

Obviously it was a bit after the beginning bit, or there wouldn’t have been the World; but you get the idea.

Anyway, in this whirling macrocosm of mobile wandflower, midst the teeming maelstrom of primordial particles, began life.

Not life, Jim, as we know it, but life nonetheless.

And then there was the word.

Then a few more words until the song was finished and it was just a matter of the chords.

But it is never quite that easy, this creation lark is it?
Is it?

Well, Gentle Reader, I propose to enlighten you as to my views on the subj. but, as ever, first you must be bid Welcome, and read on…

I notice at the start of the year that the world of digital piracy continues to rumble ever on. I’m sure that, with the right Google search, I could download a portion of fish and chips, my Granny, complete with proggy mat, and a copy of the latest gospel.

At the moment, digital downloading doesn’t trouble FG at the moment. If anyone is that desperate for a copy of our album (Oh, have you got an album? Yes we have, thanks for asking) all they have to do is ask nicely.

I’ll still charge the bugger of course, but I’ll smile.

However, when we are famous, we don’t want our hard work freely distributed over the information superhighway [1] do we?


So what should we do?

Well for starters you could join the Church and get protected by Religin.  Religin is dead good at protecting you; ask any martyr.

So you might consider enrolling in the missionary church of kopimism for whom the freedom of information is sacred. They have been recognised as a religion by the Swedish Government.

Their sacred symbols?

ctrl- c and ctrl- v.[2]

I feel safer already.

We read with great interest the latest mailround by our Acoustic Chum, ‘Turkish’ Chris Milner. Apparently emboldened by an upsurge in interest in his music (and why not – it happens to be rather accomplished), it seems Ol’ Turkish is about to eschew the world of nine to five, pack in the day job and join the ranks of the full time troubadour.

We at FG Towers think this is great and magical news, and if there is any justice you’ll be able to buy embroidered undercrackers next Christmas emblazoned with Milner stadium dates.[3]

We wish Chris (and Jane) all the very best in this venture and the forthcoming tour of Turkeyland (see, there was a reason) and, all joking aside, wish him the very best of fortune – Strum On Mr. Milner!

So, Creation, which appropriately was at the beginning and here we are at the end.

Or rather the start.

The new duo formation of FG offers us a wealth of possibilities to explore. Many of them, like my twin neck, bass pedal, midi keyboard and e-bow set up may well just be for fun[4], but we are looking hard at new arrangements for some of the songs, learning new old songs, and wonder of wonders, I’m writing again! The story type songs are still forming themselves inside my febrile mind, including a kind of Geordie Victorian crime song – which may never see the light of public performance, but then again… the words are coming first which seems to be the way of it of late; then it’s just a matter of finding some choons. That’s where the fun comes in, as instead of the trusty six string, it may be hence for the keyboard, or mandolin or G-Tuned geetar or any of a panoply of instruments that have sat plaintively reproaching me over the years for want of use. So, all in all; interesting times.

Yesterday I looked at a nice Mandola, and a lovely Taylor 810, but was a big grown up boy and walked away with hardly a pet lip to be seen.

First ‘proper’ outing for us in the matching pair formation will be at John’s Comrades later this month, although we hope to get out to few clubs afore then. We also have Saltburn as a trio on Jan 16th, which is a favourite place of ours, great views of the sea (although in Jan, this could be a bit restricted) and a very welcoming and friendly bunch of friends.

And so as I see how far down the page we are, I also notice that the Banjo Operator of Fate is passing the Razor Blade factory of Deliverance and does us all a favour, I notice we’ve reached the end of this blog.

Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] Where they drive on the right. Perverts.

[2] No I didn’t make it up. Even I have some pride when it comes to the production of drivel.

[3] On the back. Otherwise it would just be tasteless.

[4] Don’t count on it


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