Arise, FG

So, 2012 huh[1]?

So soon already?

With the dawning of the year, and following the indigestible tit-bits of Christmas[2] and the consequent feeling of sluggishness, coupled with not nearly enough music making; then it just must be time for a New Year’s Resolution.

Or in the case of FG, it’s much more likely to be a New Year’s Revolution – or at least certainly, an evolution.

Still with me?


I shall of course unveil each and all of these revelation revolutions if you will just be bid ‘Welcome, Gentle Reader’; and read on…


What a year this has been for us. We’ve been all over the place in the North East, visited places further afield in the UK and even travelled to foreign parts to play and do our best to entertain. We’ve created some interesting new music, performed our own headline gigs and I think all of us honed our skills in our respective areas of music. We even got the CD finished in the end and made a package that we can be proud of and view as a firm foundation for building on.

More important than any of that, we’ve met lots of lovely folks and had a great time. Thank you all – you have helped more than you realise.

And so now it’s time to change.

And a fairly sizeable change at that – about 33.3% in fact.

Steve ‘The Nugget’ Wilson has been with us on this roller coaster journey for about two years now and what a journey it’s been too! Broken basses litter the landscape, Nugget gags fall like rain and even cars have been changed to accommodate the FG requirement.

However, all things come to pass and now it’s time for him to move on to pastures new and spend more time with the  other consuming interests in his life, a decision made all the easier by the ravages of the economic climate.

We have a few shows left as a trio, and then, at least for now, FG will do a phoenix like flare and emerge as a fitter, leaner, go faster duo.

Any chance of us packing in?

Not on your @*&%$£ nelly there ain’t.

Carol and I have in fact done several clubs as a duo, and even a full gig-spot at Richmond, just to make sure we are happy with it, and have been putting in some serious work in the studio to see if the songs will work as well sans bass and third voice.

The answer has been surprisingly reassuring. We received some very positive feedback from folks at Cropton, which helped a lot. Sure, it’s different, sure it’s not (quite) as loud, sure it’s a hell of a lot easier to get up stairs, but we have been forced to focus hard on who does what, which instruments need to be at the fore, which back off. Vocal lines too have been tuned; our voices work well together (we did most of the singing in the old formation) and with a sharper focus – it just gets better.

Of course, you’ll just have to make your own mind up.

At the time of writing, the first ‘proper’ FG outing in the terrible twin format will be at John Jeffrey’s ‘The Comrades’ on January 28th. We are looking forward to that just a bit more than a lot.


Of course we must thank Steve for his contribution, as bass man, as singist, as studio chappie and as reality checker. We both wish him the very best for the future, and who knows, we may work together again if he regains time, wins the pools, solves the euro crisis and discovers the deepest secrets of Alchemy.[3] Good luck Steve!


The final trio gigs are:

Saltburn Folk Club 16 Jan – The Marine, Saltburn

Croxdale Folk Club 28 February – The Daleside Arms, Croxdale


So onward…

We went to a nice evening at Jack’s at The Ball Alley in between Christmas and New Year. This was a quiet affair with just a few folks there and no PA, but it has to be said we had a great evening, some good music and lotsa singing along. We’ll be doing a spot at Beamish Hall very soon, and must thank Jack for sorting that out for us.


The website has all the info on regarding gigs etc, and Carol has a new camera and has been given the black spot as official blog photographer – so watch out for piccies!


And so as the year stretches, groans and picks itself up onto its feet, I notice that the word count has crept up; and so as the Phoenix of progress climbs from the ashes of a former life and wonders why his bum feels scorched, I notice it’s the end of this blog.

Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’


[1] Not much escapes my eagle eyed attention.

[2] No, not the Rellies, we’ll do for them later.

[3] We already know, but he has to have space to find out for himself.


3 thoughts on “Arise, FG

  1. All the best for the coming year for the slimmed down Fool’s Gold – onward and upward and mind you don’t fly away in this wind without the weight of that double bass to hold you down! Seriously, all the best. ELISE XX

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