Ho Ho?

A soft rustling disturbed my slumbers and, opening a bleary eye, I gathered a shape from the gloom. A short but stout gentleman accoutred in impeccable scarlet with ermine, seemed crouched at the foot of the bed.

He raised his head from his work and noticed my inspection.

“Ho, ho!” he offered.

“Ho?” I ventured in return, feeling distinctly short-changed.

“Ah”, quoth Santa, for it was he, “those were the days”.

“Now, what with the recession and the cuts, there’s a 33% reduction imperative on ho’s this year, with a projected further reduction in the next quarter.”

Pausing, he extracted an enormous pocketwatch from the vestigial depths of his tunic, and upon inspecting it, swiftly returned it and bustled from the room quoting new EU efficiency directives and delivery targets. As he left I saw in that next door was about to receive an enormous Scalextric set.

A curious choice for an elderly spinster of whom I had only previously suspected light gardening and decoupage.


But what had Santa deposited at the foot of my bed. What wonders awaited?

There is of course, Gentle Reader, but one way to discover such coveted information.

Be welcome, and read on.

A quieter week for FG again this week, but one in which the blog itself has made news. Last week I happened to visit wordage on the good worthies of We Steal Flyers, offering comment on the good work the lads do at The Trap.1 They kindly felt it necessary to share the blog link, which must have been further passed on to others, as the reads have shot through, if not the roof, have at least elevated beyond the wainscoting. One cannot feel but vaguely sorry for a new, hesitant Acoustic Chum, who, unprepared and unannointed encounters this drivel unawares. But if you have come back for more – and – Oh Look; you have – a special welcome.

This week has been practice, recording and writing. We have had a couple of rehearsals with Steve which has been fun, but his availability is still slight, so Carol and I have hurried from the dinner table to the studio, bright eyed and full of burning hope. The songs are swinging round a bit and starting to bed in nicely, with a live version of Sam Coles coming along well. Soon my pretties, soon.

Speaking of which, thanks to all of you who felt an imperative to comment on the track. Comments have been constructive and kind, and I think all at least a bit appreciative. I’m going to replace my vocal.2 And a few mixy type fiddles, but as soon as the time allows we will be recording more tracks to select a few for the forthcoming EP. It hasn’t got a title yet, and I am sure that one or two of you will have ideas of your own as to what to call it. If any are printable, do share!

Musically then, not much to report, except to say (at the time of writing) good luck to Acoustic Chum Graeme Carrol (otherwise one of the Crow Brothers) who will be strutting his progtastic stuff on Saturday pm to an appreciative crowd in Gateshead.3 We’d love to be there but…

…the coming week will see us busy as we transport Carol’s parents from the deep Sarf to the rural idyll that is Lanchester, and attempt to do simultaneous Geordie/Essex translation, made all the more challenging by the fact that Doug has never actually been caught out making sense yet.4

As soon as Santa headed for the stairs, I hopped from my warm pit and inspected the neatly wrapped parcel which lay, labels adorned, at the foot of the bed. The shape was curiously familiar; it even seemed to be complete with a operators manual and service repair outfit. Ear defenders too…

…surely not?

an FG Cartoon

Shirley Shome Mishtake!

And do I mean it?

Of course not!

Merry Christmas to all our Reader from Carol & Steve, otherwise and collectively, Fool’s Gold.

So as the amorous Rudolph of fate snuggles suggestively up against the Cupid of destiny, and discovers that, as names go, it isn’t as gender specific as he’d hoped, I notice it’s the end of this blog.

A Merry Christmas to all our readers, even those who have it read to them,

Until next time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’


1 See last ish. Ed
2 There are those who suggest that changing the vocalist would be a better idea
3 If anyone is doing research into tautology…
4 Pot, Kettle anyone?


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