Two for the road

Ah, there you are!

Is that you; we were becoming concerned?

No matter, no matter; step you forward into the light, pull up  a cushion and set you down, it’s good to see you again – survived another week of rampant strike action, wild roving pension cuts and vagabond saving schemes I trust?

Good, good, but – I see your furrowed brow – I know what you need to ease your troubled breast.

Be welcome Gentle Reader and read on…


Another week in the world of FG rolls by and, in the main, it’s been a good ‘un. At least, it has for the majority of FG. Two of us, this time including your Author, enjoying the benefits of a pain free existence, basking in the glory of life. Not so our estimable Nugget, I’m afraid. Laid low by virile virus or perchance properly pooped by furious fever, his unavailability this week has offered the duo version of FG to get some serious work done. We wish El Nuggatto a speedy recovery allowing him to emerge on the other side of his various afflictions a rounded bassist and singist.[1]

So, serious work?

Onward, Mes Braves.

A first for FG this week as we for the coast once more. Berkley Wednesday has long been blipping on the FG radar and this week we took the opportunity to sally forth and sample the club. What we found was very much to our liking it must be said.

Hosted by the genial and organised Mr Gerry Beldon, the club meets in spacious back room of The Berkley Tavern at Tiddley Bay within sight of the famous Spanish City dome. Run on an ‘around the room’ basis, one song per person (suits us – ta Gerry) the word to use I think would be warm. Maybe cosy, or welcoming, or perhaps appreciative – you get the general thrust of the thing I’m sure. This was a very pleasant evening in the company of new and old friends in a nice setting. Good to see a few FG Acoustic Chums (some actually introducing themselves as such – that was great) among the several assembled musos. Nice to see Denis again, Michael, and of course John (The Power) Jeffrey, who, as a rumour borne swiftly on the wings of the wind from the Mountains of the Mage has it, is about to release his Magnum Opus ‘End of the Line’ which, recorded by production powerhouse jiva, features several of the great and good backing John on some of his live favourites. We look forward to this and wish him a swift and speedy entry into the top ten, and if Top of the Pops was still running, we feel it could only be a matter of time…

So a lovely night there then, and us unveiling a new song – “Turning my back on the sea” which is my first excursion into open G tuning and lots of fun to play. I’ve still not got a full voice back, but Carol did well with it! If you’d like to hear it, and comment on it, you can find it here:

Thanks to everyone for making us so welcome. Gerry runs a group page on Facebook, which, interestingly uses English in its written form as a means of communication.

Which is Gr8.

Soundcloud continues to develop and we have a few more followers, but interestingly, have also heard some nice bits on there too – do check out Sheedyfrost on Soundcloud, as they are well worth a listen. The community there is growing and there seems to be a few very talented individuals knocking about.


The studio continues to develop even though my lack of singing has slowed me down a bit, we have been playing, fiddling and generally messing about and are about to unleash more tracks – watch this space for breaking news, fact-fans.

Which brings us to Saturday.

Imagine the situation. Sat in the a.m. – Carol and I contemplating a day of Chrissie Shopping before partaking of a leisurely jaunt to Richmond where FG was trumpeted as support to Marie Little. Enter the text to inform us that we will be once more Nuggetless, the stricken bass player remaining, well; stricken.

So, a quick re-jig of the set and out with some of the new stuff, and we for the A167 to pick up Marie and head, ever deeper, southward.

Paul Cullen (aided and abetted in no small measure by Helen) run a smashin’ club upstairs in the Richmond and Swaledale Outdoor Centre, where it is, thankfully, warm.

It must be said that this was a good night. Good audience appreciative, singy, but also a good listening room. Nice beer, good company and an extended spot for FG II, and kind words afterwards and nice mentions of later visits and we was well chuffed innit?

Marie of course, turned in a sterling performance as ever, and entertained the troops mightily. In the end, the welcome and the chance for a nice sized spot made it a grand night for Carol and I, so many thanks to Paul and Helen; see you again before too long.

So eyes front to this week; what lies over yonder horizon? What golden promise awaits, unbidden around the next twist in the winding road of FG?

********[2] if I know, but we are looking forward to it, whatever else happens. Recording and working on the new songs this week methinks, as well as out and about as oft as pos so beware; you never know when and where we might turn up like a rent collector in the night at a club near you.

So as the last chorus of the singaround of fate wails into the night, and the banjo player of destiny is released from the loo, I notice it’s the end of this blog.

Until next time Acoustic  Chums,


Keep Strummin’


[1] Which would represent an improvement.


[2] ‘Blowed’, actually, but some people are so easily offended


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