It’s foggy.

Not (wholly) as a result of the previous evening’s libation, but (mostly) because the year has decided to turn, not exactly wintery, nor yet fully autumnal. A sort of  in between season which I have decided to call Fogmautum.

In Fogmautum, it is written (mostly by me) that spirits shall drop, moods darken and souls run heavily around the region of ones’ cheeky bits.

That is unless and of course that one is in possession of the web address of a certain mood lightening Blog (or Blurg for Ashington readers). All it takes is a quick click on a link, and… oh; you have! In that case, be welcome Gentle Reader, and read on…

Sunday saw FG presenting in good order, scrubbed and bright eyed at South Shields Folk Club. We had a nice evening there, some friends to greet and good singers to hear. Our contribution seemed to be well received, so we hope to get back there before too long. If you have never been to this place, be prepared for a surprise. Held in the Rugby Club on Dean Road, the outside looks like, well, a Rugby Club. Inside, however, it looks like a Canadian log cabin being fully cladded out with logs (lurgs): sort of Towny version of Netherton’s Village Hall. Very nice.

You have, as Readers Gentle and Patient, been warned these last few weeks that the new Robson Recording Facility (RRF®) has been completed and was about to burst into electrical life.

Well this week it did!

Carol and I have been playing with the new equipment and experimenting with mics. We have a large Catty Log of new songs to experiment with so chose to begin with ‘Turning My Back’; notable for a few things, especially the use of Open G Tuning. The version here is the work in progress, a bit different for us? Don’t know, not sure, but as ever comments and feedback are welcomed – remember it’s a journey of discovery! We think it’s a nice tune. (Canny bit surng).

Page link:

This also shows that we are playing about a bit with Soundcloud. This is not a venture designed to make a million, gain a booking nor yet turn the heads of fair maidens (mind a booking would be nice), but simply to use the sharing service to see if we get any feedback on the songs (surngs again). I finally got to play with Andy Higgin’s high strung geetar, which can be heard backing the choruses.

If you have good hearing.


If you keep an eye on the Soundcloud thing, we’ll be recording The Ballad of Sam Coles this week, and I’d like to post a sequence of files to show the track as it builds from the first rough guide track towards its inevitable musical climax as an overblown extravaganza of multilayered instrumentation (I need to lie down now).

Is this a good idea and of interest? Worth a try, as for the interest; you tell me!

The main event of the week took place on Friday night when we journeyed far into the night to help celebrate the Nifty Nuptuals of Graham Brotton and Dr Pauline De Jong. This event, held at Gisborough Hall Hotel in (confusingly) Guisborough was a musical celebration with Graeme (Brother) Crow on hand to do the honours with PA. As previously stated in these pages, this author is impressed by two sound men, one naturally our own Nugget, but Graeme is also a technical wizard who has those most useful of tools, good ears and a restrained volume finger.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We arrived as a whole host of musical compadres were filing through the doors of the huge Banqueting Suite. As the Brotton’s are well known in various guises (Blue Sun, Amber Moon) the hall was soon full of Mostly Musos representing the majority of clubs and venues across Teeside; and many were clutching guitars. A little time to chat and mingle, then a Guard of Honour of raised guitars for the happy couple, then on to cakes and speechifying.

Then the music.

Most folks got a spot, as there is no show without Punch we did a couple, then had to sadly leave a little before the end as T’Nugget had work upon the morn. A word of praise to Gary Bliss, resplendent in Wedding Attire for a fantastic organisation job; not many best men find themselves organising an impromptu folk-night at the Reception!

Don’t forget its’Acoustica and FG at The Millstone, South Gosforth on the 23rd Nov! £4 on the door.

The word count is creeping ever higher, so as the Multi Guitar Owning Bachelor of Destiny transforms into the Married Uke Owner of Fate, I notice it’s the end of this blog.

Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’






3 thoughts on “Fogmautum

  1. ‘Tis a pity we missed each other last Friday. I left the newly wed Brotton’s around 5.30pm with cameras in need of a rest and a memory cards filled to bursting.

    Keep ’em coming, fellow blogger.

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