Onward, mes braves

In a week when the depressive grip of the real world has drawn tighter around the very drinking throat of the friendly folkie, in a time when we have to think twice, or for those of us capable of it, even three times whether or not to spend the petrol to sally forth into the gathering gloom to visit a club farther afield than the regular, and when bar prices are evidence sufficient to prove that the Landlord does indeed have a sense of humour; we could do with a bit of a giggle ourselves to lighten the mood before we sing about sinking ships, former virgins and various characters meeting their maker in ways Hollywood would reject as too fanciful.

But where such a chuckle?

Be Welcome, gentle Reader, and read on…

A quiet-ish week again for FG, but this will, mes braves, stop.

Musically, the duo version of FG graced the boards of Baldock FC held at the Orange Tree Pub.


Well, yes indeed. Y’see it went something like this…

Carol and I went to visits her parents this week and we fancied a big of a play en-route, only Doug and Pauline fancied coming along too, so we attacked Baldock from the southerly direction, in the dark, via the M25 entirely by sat nav, so I can confidently state that I have no absolutely idea where it is. The sat nav said “turn left at the edge of nowhere and carry on 100 yards – after that, you’re on your own”.

Alan and Sue were hosts and made us royally welcome. This proved to be a great, friendly club, with a good standard and a round the room in ones format that kept things moving, we got three in, so you can see that it was quite a busy night. If you’re ever down there, it’s well worth a visit, and the pub does good beers too!


In FG there is the ambition to get our music out to as many folks as we can physically tie down, and if at all possible, present (and that’s quite an important bit) the music in a more extended way than is possible at a floor spot in one of our excellent folk clubs. We’ve been lucky to get a few bookings (more always welcomed – hint) and recently have played a number of ‘concert’ style gigs which thankfully have been well received and that has simply boosted my already overdeveloped ego and we are keen to taste some more.

To that end, we have teamed up with good friends Andy and Catherine Higgins of itsAcoustica, who, for the uninitiated, are quite like an acoustic duo who perform well written, thoughtful, melodic and supremely crafted original songs,[1] to put on a gig in a new venue. I mention this not in the hope of persuading blog-devourers of the folk world to flock there on the night[2], but to flag up the venue as a potential place for consideration by others – I can think of several of our friends who might be interested..?

So where, this Mecca of Music, this Palace of Performance; South Gosforth, that’s where. Some of you will know the Millstone from student days, but I assure you, it has had its act cleaned up more than a bit. The upstairs room looks to be great for acoustic or small PA gigs and will comfortably seat forty, and crowded out would be maybe sixty.

For the record, it’s:

Fools Gold & itsAcoustica

The Millstone

South Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear NE3 1QL

Wednesday 23rd November 7.30

£3 in advance £4 on the door

Millstone Poster

Feel free to print and plaster all over town!


This week we are getting the list sorted for the next sortie of our attempted ascent on the peak of folk global domination (not really, we just like playin’). The new songs are coming on nicely, we hope to cajole the Nugget from his burrow and get this joint, if not exactly rocking, at least get the dentures clacking in time.

As I notice the time, I see that the visiting singer-songwriter of fate has inadvertently sat in the resident melodeon player’s of grumpiness’  seat and is about to feel the welcoming warmth of a pint of bitter down his trousers, and it is indeed, the end of this blog.

Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] I should at this point make it clear that this is of course a joke. No, not the ‘well crafted’ bit, the bit where I put ‘quite’ in the sentence… oh, for goodness sake…

[2] Look, even I don’t believe that bit


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