You know the feeling.

You’ve done everything you can, tried really hard and still your forehead informs you, via the dull thumping sensation we earth people call pain, that one is banging one’s bonce off the brickwork, which, experience tells us, leaves a greater impression on the cranium than on the brickwork.

In short; frustration.

Frustration? Surely not?

Certainment, Mes Amis. Mais porquoi?

Well, if you hadn’t guessed the next bit, you must be a new reader; in which case, welcome, and read on…

It’s not all frustration at FG Towers this week though. I’ve been tapping into the old gas powered WP to write a few spiffing lyrics to the new songs that we have on the boil. Carol has been on hand to curb my more extreme excess, but I’ve still got away with one song that is really two songs, has two distinct styles in two different sections and would probably only have been considered short by Mike Oldfield[1].
This new song will be entitled ‘The Ballad of Sam Cole’. Permission has been sought, and received from the real Sam Coles, for those of you not in the know[2], Ms Coles is not a hairy bottomed miner in 1849 Californy – hi – hay, as is the chap in the song; but is in fact the fair of face tub-thumper in Folk Music’s very own version of particle collision physics, Stormcrow. She has kindly allowed me to use her moniker to nail to the woollen long-johns of the anti-hero of the song, who is actually the bloke in the photo which inspired the song Fool’s Gold. The new song looks back a few years earlier in his life and discovers how he became a miner with a taste for gold.

I’ll keep you informed.

Neither was frustration evident at The Comrades Club this weekend gone, where genial host John Jeffrey had invited many a face and hand from the local circuit to contribute to a jolly evening of song and music. Thanks to Gerry for the sound of course.

Nice to catch up with Jimmy and Val of proto-punk-folk-crossover combo jiva, although Jimmy did rather disconcert one with a new found tendency to wink at me rather a lot, then unaccountably burst into tears at the drop of a purple wrist band. Val’s assertions to the effect that it was the new contact lenses are clearly misinformed.

He was just pleased to see us.

Many other chums were on hand of course, Trev, Michael Whip, et alia, and of course the itsAcoustica power duo who arrived a tad late to sit with us and were banished to the far side of the room, where we could communicate only by subtle[3] hand gestures.

Apologies for last week’s typo in which Folk Maestro Chris Milner was referred to as Dave Milburn. Obviously this is a fault built into Microsoft Word and not advancing senility on my part. Anyway, sorry Dave.

So what of the frustration? Someone who seems to like us[4] would like to book us and has contacted the mighty FG empire by means of our website – at least twice. I have replied to no avail and our stalwart contactee has tried again to get in touch – again responding yields no results, so a********* if you’d like to check your mail, a missive from your chums at FG awaits your perusal.

(late edit on the above – I have heard from the nice person above – it seems that someone thought it would be fun to use her address to wind us both up – what fun)

Thanks to all the nice people who said nice things to us at The Comrades’, it really means much when fellow artists say some thing nice after a performance so; thank you.

And with that I notice that the clock, and word count, has advanced inexorably, so until the .09 gauge top E of destiny indelibly makes its mark on the little pinky of fate, I notice that it’s the end of this blog,

Until next time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’


Here’s a personal reminder from us!

Fool’s Gold CD Launch

Saturday 8th October

The Lamplight Centre Stanley DH9 0NA


 Admission Free

 Licensed Bar

 Plus wonderful support from Chris Kelly& jiva

We really hope you can join us and make it a special evening!

Best wishes

Steve, Carol & Steve

[1] In other words, an FG song

[2] For shame, for shame

[3] And rude

[4] And is therefore clearly in need of therapy


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