Baa Lambs

So far, so high, so happy.

So like the clouds in the sky and the little fluffy baa lambs before they go to the kebab factory.

These are all apposite metaphors for the mood of FG this week as we, trio, trip lightly upon dancing toes, smile to the fore and a kind word for all the downtrodden, which means, round Stanley, we never shut up.

There will be a reason?

Naturellement mon cher.

But to find out the whyforeartthou, be bid welcome, and read on.

Apart from the odd rehearsal[1] all we have done this week, is play at the Bridge this Saturday night, billed as our CD launch bash. Duly, we turned up armed for work with the new backdrop before which to pose, folk like and fruity and entertain the masses. Should of course, the masses, in a moment of madness, materialise.

Actually, The Bridge on a footie day is an interesting place, so we got the stuff upstairs pronto. The Nugget arrived shortly after us complete with Nuggetsound PA break-beat system and ‘twas not long before we were set. Also in attendance was Julie, all set to do a support slot for us, more of that anon.

Actually, that brings me to the subj. of support artistes, and a merry tale of sadness, woe, and ultimately joy unfolds.

Jimmy and Val, collectively Heavy Folk Tinklers jiva were due to do us the honour of a warm up spot. jiva are firm favourites of FG, there is no-one who can tinkle like them, the humour is great, playing immaculate and generally, we rate ‘em.

But not, alas, when Val succumbs to the lurgy, and sadly the incapacitated ‘va’ bit was obliged on medical grounds to withdraw, Jim in attendance to supply hot and cold running chocolates. Get well soon!

So, at short notice, Mr J Jeffrey stepped forward. Armed with a Taylor nicer than mine the s*d , John declared himself hale and hearty and up for the challenge.

The stage, as you will readily see, was now set.

Apart from the last cast member deserving of a shout. Mr Andy Higgins, the big bit of itsAcoustica was MC and merch guy and had quite clearly been working on his routines for a week… usually takes him a fortnight to get it right however,

We were delighted to welcome a respectable audience – always nerve wracking beforehand, but a decent room assembled, including friends from far and wide, old and new and even some folks we hadn’t expected which was really nice. Jane, the good looking half of Chris and Jane, gave us a bag of Fool’s Gold picked up at a Wild West event earlier in the day – how kind!

On the appointed hour, the Good Andrew stepped up and got the ball rolling with Julie. She is one of Steve (The Nugget, not The Author’s) students and gamely presented some of her self penned songs. As she begins her folk musiking, she has clear potential. Thank you Julie for your contribution.

Next up, following more of Andy’s carefully deconstructed puns, came John to give a crackin’ performance of some well known and lesser known songs in his own very homely and natural style.

Time for a beer and a natter next then, as my colleague and mate John was snapping the event for posteriors, I’ve seen some of the results and very good they look too.

Finally, midst pomp, ceremony glamour and a gag from Andy we took our places. I’d relaxed a lot once a few folks showed up so we were up for a good night.

We ran through some of the big ammunition in the FG canon[2] and were delighted both with the reception and the CD sales! If you were there, thank you very much for making the night the reason why we were doing all the silly stuff in the first paragraph.

We must do it again sometime.

Maybe in Stanley on October 8th

Next weekend the FG duo, Steve being unavailable, will roll into Cropton, see several of you there no doubt.

So as the unsuspecting baa lamb of innocence is duped by the kebab shop of oblivion and uneasily eyes the rotisserie of doom, I notice it’s the end of this blog.

Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] There is
a gag there of course, but no, I insist; after you…

[2] Yes I
know, I did it deliberately.


2 thoughts on “Baa Lambs

  1. Glad to hear the CD launch night at The Bridge went well. Hopefully we might make it to your Stanley launch do.
    Backdrop eh! We’ve been using our purple crushed velvet one for a few months now to good effect. What colour is yours?

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