It would seem barely credible to the scything intellect of the average reader of this blog that autumn is upon us. The season of mellow fruitfulness, storm and of course Cropton[1] has, in the vulgar parlance of our transatlantic chums, ‘snuck’ up on us. And yet challenges await, strange lurking doorknobs beckon seductively, murmuring “turn me and see what opportunities lie within”.

What indeed; Gentle Reader, shall we find out?
Be welcome, and read on…

2011 has been an interesting year for FG. People are starting to notice us, sometimes in a nice way. We have, as you know, been busy playing as many places as we can, and have broadened our horizons somewhat. We have finished and begun to promote the CD (more of that anon, as you can readily imagine), and still we have plans for the future to fulfil ‘ere the year is out.

We played our first CD launch on Friday with pals Ian Swinburne (also a top soundman) and Stormcrow. The audience was thin, sadly, but there were some to whom we sold CD’s and songbooks – hurrah.

Ian played a smashin’ set of covers and originals – good sound on his Taylor GS too, and then the Stormies hit the stage and demolished any preconceptions you might hold about how refined acoustic music is and rendered a stomping performance. A welcome return to Sam too, nice to see her a-thumpin’ and a-strummin’.

Loftus is, I think, a unique venue for acoustic music.

We are preparing for what we hope will be a great evening ahead of us on Saturday 17th September at The Bridge in Newcastle. We hope to see a goodly number of friends and visitors there, present some great music (yes there are other people playing) and generally have good social, musical and highly enjoyable evening.

That at least, is the plan. If you can get down, please come along and join the fun. The pub has publicised a charge on the door. This is of course nonsense, the gig is free to all our chums.

Finally this week, or even today if you are feeling picky, I managed to get the home studio running to my satisfaction. This was achieved by a mixture of processes alien to the male mind, to whit: turning it on and reading the manual, howsoever, once read and indeed turned, the machinery glowed with a sickly electrical sheen and for the second time this blog I heard a seductive murmur; “try me and see what you can do”. The last CD recorded at Fish Studio, home and burrow of the esteemed Nugget, was a wholly acoustic record of what we sound like live, no additional, overdubs, technical wizardry, and certainly, as Queen famously specified, ‘No Synths’[2]. Now, I have my new toy, a Zoom R24 connected to Cubase 5.1, we shall see, oh yes my pretties, we shall see; mwhaa ha-ha-ha[3]. First up will be a new song in open G tuning. (Late addenda – recorded a rough demo to try out basslines and what have you, sounds good so far!)

Now; we have noticed that we sell CD’s quite well, but some people may be put off slightly by any price in these days of financial doom (that or they mayhap are discerning consumers of music), so we are going to make a couple of short sampler CD’s, maybe three or so tracks on ‘em with minimal packaging. As we can produce CD’s ourselves (no, it’s not a sin, it’s sensible) it makes them cost effective, easy to do and cheaper for the punter to take a little bit of us home with them. So, meanwhile back at the home studio, the first steps in this process are being taken. I think a new track, a remixed track from the big CD with additional bits added and a live track might make an interesting product.

However time is against me and the studio beckons, so as the great song idea of destiny meets the recording engineer of fate and the flanger of fortune is routed through the chorus of confusion, I notice it’s the end of this blog.

Until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] Same thing

[2] Then they made ‘Flash’ and that buggered that.

[3] Works best if you twirl your moustaches while reading


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