and so it goes…

John Thornton Robson 1929 – 2011


And so the wheel turns.


But it does turn, makes one a bit dizzy sometimes, but turn it certainly does, stopping is not an option. So, mes braves; onward.

Drug induced stupefaction allegedly makes recollection of events happen something like a series of snapshots, not necessarily linear, nor connected, or even particularly sensible. In that case, I dunno what I’ve been on for the past few weeks, but I must have a chat with Huggy Bear to ascertain what the word on the street says. I think I must have been mainlining what some refer to as the good ****. Not, Gentle Reader, that the regional acoustic music scene has driven me to become a drug addled insensible, and probably dribbling, idiot; but to find out why the frames of memory are so spasmodic there is, to put it into the patois, nowt else for it, but to read on…


…Welcome back, Gentle Reader after a forced hiatus caused by not taxes, but the other inevitability, the FG blog is back among us, scattering light and dappled shade with wit, charm, well sourced informative narrative and the odd willy gag.


I have just dome something incredibly grown up; I didn’t buy a guitar! I found a lovely Taylor 810 in Guitar Guitar Newcastle and went to try it – lovely tone, easy to play, pre owned but nary a blemish to mar the countenance of acoustic perfection. A part ex deal that made everyone happy, then the final trial…

…and it went, to coin a phrase, wraang.

On capo two, where dwelleth I a lot, a nasty buzz appeared on A and D strings. So, different capo’s were produced, truss rods adjusted, strings changed, first one, then the full set, more truss rod shenanigans – I must say the team at GG are excellent- but still a persistent buzz, and the more I heard it, the more I heard it, if you know what I mean. So, for once I was a big brave boy and walked away, with a smile on my face and looking for a cat to kick. Taylor aficionados and rock animals jiva tell me this is not altogether unknown.

We are of course ready for Holland?

Not at all.

The set is together and Mr N.Ugget and the band are ready to play, but packing, route finding, doing any sensible preparation at all is a complete non-starter so far. We have three gigs in Low Country at this point in time. We are playing in a museum one afternoon, in an amphitheatre one evening and a largish house concert and workshop another evening – all sounds like spiffing fun, and we can’t wait!

More about the amphi-wotsit here:


Tonight a quick duo turnout to Ashington Folk Club, before an hour performance in Barnard Castle at the weekend, then, it’s off to you-know-where!


Being back at the blog face does not mean that I have to dribble endlessly on, so as the Ferry of Fortune faces the Iceberg of forgotten guitars, and the Nautical Nugget forgets his sea-sick pills, I notice it’s the end of the blog.

Until next time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’




2 thoughts on “and so it goes…

  1. “… this is not altogether unknown” – whoa there!!!

    We know of but one case where a Taylor guitar elicited a slight buzz (unheard by the vast majority, but stubbornly there in Jimmy’s lug’oles)… that was a Limited Edition 810 taken by Guitar Guitar in part ex for his magnificent Taylor 910CE-L7 way back in 2007 (maybe the one you tried was one and the same).

    We unreservedly endorse and recommend Taylor guitars to one and all (and no… sigh, we’re not on commission), but if someone has mal-treated a gem of an instrument then, unfortunately, the results will be heard until such time as the guitar has been lovingly restored to its former glorious setup and condition.

    But, commiserations… you did do the right thing. If it ain’t right it ain’t right… just wait, there’ll be another Taylor for you to fall in love with. We know from experience, as we’ve been smitten and spellbound on a number of occasions.

    • Oh dear – never my wish to offend!
      I merely mean that it’s happened before.
      For the record i love my little 210, and will upgrade as soon as I find one that doesn’t do an impersonation of a slapped Rickenbaker 2001 on the odd fret.
      I’m sure it won’t be long

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