Celebrate? Why Not?

Christmas if you must; Hanukah if you will.

Birthdays often, if not always. Anniversaries of many occasions; marriage, sometimes the reverse. Demise, surprise, reprise, even new skies all provide an excellent excuse for  celebration.

Being Fool’s Gold of course, means that as we approach our own second birthday, we are planning a celebration outwith the above catalogue of excellent excuses and have fabricated our own.

What can this be?

Yes, I hear the cries from even this distance, sundered as we are by the unimaginable fathoms of t’internet.

And by now, Gentle Reader, you should know that the way this works, is for me to welcome you to the Fool’s Gold Blog, and for you, shell-shocked by alliterative shrapnel, to read on…

Yes we are almost Two. Not quite though, as our birthday is somewhere around August/September, so that will form another excuse later perhaps.

Firstly, a huge thank you to all who read (and in some cases commented) on last weeks Clennell Hall Special. Our readership figures are well into three figures which is gratifying. Of course I remain silent as to where the decimal point goes[1]
but Gentle Reader(s), thank you.

This week, some ‘thank you’s’ (done a bit of that) some news, some chatter of the idle variety and an announcement. Sounds good so far, so without more foofaraw[2] forward Mes Braves.

The second ‘thank you’ is simply to all those good friends who have enquired about Poorly Parent Problems which have been mentioned in these pages previously. Carol’s Dad seems to be well on the road to his former self[3], and My Dad is continuing to perplex the medical profession on a weekly basis.
Ho Hum. Your good wishes have been very much appreciated.

This week and we for Darlington.

But not the Arts Centre on Vane Terrace this time. No, this was Tuesday and us for The Brittania, a little farther down the road towards the Town Centre.

Entering ‘The Brit’ presents a very old fashioned pub of the sort rapidly disappearing in favour of something more brightly lit, nosily accoutred and infinitely nastier. Being first[4] we were shown to the function suite.

I say function suite with tongue firmly thrust sideways. The room is more of a large cupboard, no more that three metres square.

And that’s using the little metre stick.

We’d heard while researching the venue, that they even have to take the door off its hinges if it gets busy!

Welcomed by mine host Dave Myers, we set ourselves into a corner, and awaited a few wandering folkies who might come to hear the guest Steve Turner.

Well, they arrived. And kept on arriving. Then a few more arrived, followed rapidly by more, then a couple more and even a few latecomers. The door was duly, and with reverend ceremony, lifted from its hinges and despatched to the nether regions of the pub, leaving late arrivals to stand in the passage outside peering hopefully into the room, which was rapidly developing its own micro-climate.

Of course the evening was fantastic. And cheap, as it was impossible to get to the bar. Over thirty folks in attendance, in a space usually comfortably  filled by a large man and his small dog. A sing around ensued, with the guest getting an extended feature in the circle. We did a few too, so thanks to Dave for that. I played from behind a table, Carol knelt on a chair her parping stick to parp and the Nugget manfully struggled to play a double bass without actually moving. We were going to do ‘The Voice’, but that would have meant the bow, and that would have caused too much collateral damage to the folk community of Teeside.

Steve Turner fitted very well into The Brit. A fund of traditional songs, occasionally backed by a Concertina or Cittern. The Brit was part of his current tour and more can be found about this worthy gent at;


Well worth a visit then, if you are a muso, this is a very traditional Folk Club, but the good people of The Brit extend an open ear to all music, and indeed sang lustily to some of our songs, which most of ‘em had never heard before. Lovely.

As previously mentioned on these pages, our CD is complete.

Sort of.

The final package looks great, a local printer having done a particularly fine job of the cover and CD inlay – it even has a free gift inside! It also contains a web link on the inner packaging. This page will eventually contain downloads to the expanded versions of the tracks that I have long been wanting to record. The state of play with that project is that is isn’t even off the blocks yet, but announcements will be made in the blog when things are ready for download; the idea is that people who bought the album will be able to pull down the tracks.

And the special celebration? A series of CD Launch event/parties. The venues are arranged and dates fixed. In the first instance we’ll be sending out invites, so look out for the postie! They are in September and October, so get those diaries out!

Finally for this edition, we are looking forward immensely to next weekend when we hit Ryedale Folk Festival for the first time. We’re playing several times over the weekend, and are looking forward to the playing, meeting and generally just being part of things.  For more information concerning this fine event, point your browser thisaway:


And so as the dancing flamenco fingers of fate meet the doorjamb of destiny, I notice it’s the end of this edition of the blog.

Until next time acoustic chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] Many of you will simply wonder what the point is.

[2] Yes it is

[3] There are those who mark this as a ‘good thing’. There are many others, however…

[4] If you travelled with a double bass – you’d be first there too!


2 thoughts on “Celebrate? Why Not?

  1. Hello guys, Best wishes to all…… The festival on the moor looks very interesting unfortunately the prices don’t! It’s probably too late to get a singing spot now but…. If you appear as a singer do you get free admission to the event? Thinking ahead to next year!
    Gan canny and best wishes re parents health issues.
    John & Eileen (she’s now safely back from Poland!)

    • Don’t know if you know Richard (Grainger; he’s the main man) – he’d be the one to ask about performing. I think there is a singaround at some point on the Saturday… not sure.
      Hope to catch up with you soon, and welcome homeski to Eileen!

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