A week in the life of…


down it goes!

There can be few among us who would argue against musicians (for thusly we clad ourselves in feathers and style) deserving a petrol rebate. All that dosh laid out to trundle from folk club to open mic and back home again, all the while watching glumly as Mr Petrol Gauge drops dismally out of sight. I, however, would go further. (Would you Steve? Do tell us more. I will). We need an Orange Juice rebate too.

And to find out why, Dear Reader, you’ll just have be bid welcome, and read on…

This week has been a busy one in FG land. Poorly Parents are still an issue, but in one case, improvement is observed.

Basically, he went to the pub, so normal service, if not resumed, is at least threatened.  Thanks to all friends who have kindly enquired; that has meant much.

PP notwithstanding, an active week, what with one thing and six others.

Monday came and we for Aycliffe Village, to the club that was once the Foresters (speak that name in whispers) and is now at home in the North Britton, Aycliffe Village, hence the name. Mine host is of course John Snowball, and this week saw the club begin the first annual migration from the bar lounge to the ‘Big Room’. The ‘Big Room’ is not used during the winter months[1] due to the fact that global warming in Aycliffe has not caught on. The room is a good venue, very live sound, no real need for a PA and the usual mix of regulars, visitors and singers. Pat and John opened, and once again it was a joy to hear Pat playing recorder and flute. Twice (ish) round the room was the order of play, FG auditioning the new song ‘Old Earl’s men’, which got a good reception. John runs a good club here, Loose Connections are on on Monday, and will be a grand evening. Get yourselves along and have a go. John can be reached on 079 223 24675

North Britton

North Britton

Tuesday was a night off, thankfully, so the next outing was The Princess Alice in Middlesbrough to support and play at ‘A Night with Stormcrow’. Thankfully this only entailed playing and singing, as Mark is definitely not my type, but it was an absolute gas as the pics on Facebook show. Ian, Holly, Steve and Sam (looking well, – good for you) all participated to make it a grand night. The law of physics which states that volume controls can go down as well as up, was, as ever, studiously disregarded. The night ended with a ridiculously jolly rendition of ‘Justice’, featuring FG as the backing band, backing the… er… Band.

Thursday then.

And what more could cause the FG cup runneth over more than it already runneth? Darlington Folk Club obviously. It’s not often we can get out on a Thursday, so we made the most of this opportunity. Tom was very welcoming and a slight snafu with the listings section of Folk Roundabout initially threatened a quiet night.

Not so, Gentle Reader!

The good worthies of Darlo turned out en masse[2] and made an excellent evening in the upstairs room, while, downstairs everyone was voting against Nick Clegg. A lovely night in front of a (mostly) new crowd and FG went down well. We have hopes…

Which brings me back to the question of Orange Juice. Reformed from the beers (midweek only, I assure you) I have been sampling the cordial (sic) delights of the great British pub, and in this case, arts centre. I know places have to make a profit, but £1.70 for a pint of orange and water?
Surely the barmaid should at least sport an eyepatch?

Richard Grainger

Richard Grainger

Our final outing was to Richard ‘Two Bridges’ Grainger’s Klondyke Folk Club, held on this occasion in The Trade Union Hall in Middlesborough. A friendly night with some great music in a grand hall was enjoyed by all. This is an occasional event, keep your eye on old Two Bridges[3] website for more information. We like to support Richard’s events, basically because they are fun; but also importantly new live events should be supported.
Once again, I quote unto you, the words of the Prophet Jimmy[4] “use it or lose it”.

This week we begin preparation for Clennel and Ryedale, as a ‘heads up’ if anyone is in Rydale for the Folk on the Moor festival, and wants to say ‘wotcher’, we will be at:


11.00    Village Hall

2.30pm Fat Betty’s

9.00pm Village Hall


3.30  Fat Betty’s

10.00  Fat Betty’s


2.20pm Village Hall

Before then though, remember Clennel Hall Festival next weekend and get along if you can.

So, until the Cellist of ambition perches behind the Double Bass of hernia, until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] September – May. This is Durham

[2] As opposed to ‘en mousse’, which has a lot more to do with chocolate

[3] This is of course a reference to one of Richard’s songs, which celebrates both bridges boasted by a certain river. Those of us with grown up rivers find this charming.

[4] Himself of jiva, he’s the one on the left as you look at them.


6 thoughts on “A week in the life of…

  1. On the subject of Orange Juice I’ve been charged £2 for a pint of acid tasting so called juice (Cordial & Water) the quality of a pint of “Still Orange” served by most pubs is not good at all! I’ve started drinking J2O Orange & Pasion Friut at anywhere from £1:65 to £1:95 but at least it’s decent quality even if it’s not a “Pint” I ask for a pint glass with loads of ice and tip the contents of the bottle in – at least the ice makes it last a bit longer. On the subject of fuel costs the present prices are in fact quite horrific. But they have us over the proverbial barrel – pun intended!!!
    Keep on taking the pills!!! See you at Clennell Hall John

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