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Unseasonable Easter Summer is upon us and the thoughts of the young acoustic musician turn to creating. That is my excuse whenever I start carping for a new piece of shiny kit anyway. On the menu of the FG blog this week is a Starter for 10, a Roundup Stew and of course to follow, what else but Humble Pie?

How can this be I hear you cry from deep within your lamented and tortured souls?

Well, Gentle Reader, by now you should realise that there is no other recourse open to you, but to read on….

Thanks to all who have passed on best wishes to Carol and Myself regarding Poorly Parent Problems. These have continued, got better, then got worse, and now seem to be at the ‘let’s have another go’ stage, with the medical profession in full cluck and fluster as they continue to prod, nod, mutter and consult the machine that goes ‘bood-oop’ a lot.

We shall see.

Notwithstanding the above issues, the Starter on the three course repast of retrospective is a quick mention of some of the things we have heard, or caught wind of during the week. I mentioned Fred Brierly’s new night at The Green Tree in Tudhoe last week, I saw him during the week and he granted the Brierly Nod to include his phone number, if you want to know more about the next night, on May 11th, contact Fred on 01388 811299.

Unfortunately I missed the Taylor Roadshow last week at Guitar Guitar, but for a fully detailed report on goings-on, who else than Mr Jimmy ‘Taylor’ jiva, has posted an in-depth resume of the event. It can be found on the jiva-blog here:

The Main Course is a Roundup Hotpot of FG News, which may be of interest to some.

We played at Croxdale on Tuesday, not exactly stowed out, you might say, not exactly packing ‘em in through the doors. There were probably more people than at the Titanic’s New York arrival party, and there was still room for a Nugget with a bad back to swing his bass about. We played a few and got booked for next year, so thanks to John, and we’ll be there again before too long.

There were definitely more people at Hexham Folk Club on Wednesday than at the annual re-union of The Christians versus The Lions Survivors Society.

But only by four.

Yup, that’s correct: Four. FG and the organiser Colin represented the sum total for the entire evening. We were somewhat bemused, but Colin informed us that this represented a Three Hundred Percent increase over other weeks.

So; a sell-out then.

And it’s a shame. The room is OK, the stairs are a bit of a pain, but parking isn’t too bad on The Sele. Apparently this club regularly has one body present (aforementioned Mr Colin) who sings his little heart out to the walls on a weekly basis. (I’m beginning to understand…)

However it doesn’t have to be that way. If you fancy playing, would like to support a club which may very well disappear, the venue is the RAFA club on Market Street on a Wednesday night. Get yourself along, and tell Colin Fool’s Gold sent you.

Time for dessert, which is in the form of the most delectacious dish, that old stalwart, Humble Pie. ‘What?’ I hear you gasp askance (or at least askancish), ‘Surely, you cannot have done something wrong – can this possibly be true?’

Well, if you’d calm down for a bit and quit bleating; I’ll own up.

The FG CD ‘All that Glisters…’ is now finished. Or at least, very nearly finished. The artwork should be at the printers next week, and all the bits have been purchased. So what has changed?

Everything really.

  • It was going to be a double – it’s a single CD.
  • I’m quoted as saying that I wanted to avoid jewel cases at all costs, and it’s in a jewel case.
  • It should have augmented versions of the tracks and it hasn’t.
  • It should have a fold out booklet, and it has a straight, single fold jewel case insert.


Inside CD

An Early Contender for CD Artwork - Inside

But why, oh why have my principles, keenly felt and justly held as they may be, become so compromised?

Common sense mostly. To do everything I wanted to do, in the form I wanted to do them would have taken another year and cost a blinkin’ fortune, so we sat down and had a little think…

The CD will look very nice indeed. We found a fantastic printer in Annfield Plain, who makes this kind of project extraordinarily affordable. Latest technology means that short runs can be produced to the highest standards on quality stock, but we don’t have to order thousands. We can produce CDs to professional standards on our industry standard duplicator/printer so we can produce stock as and when we need it. This obviated the necessity to have hundreds of CD’s shoved in a box under the bed. I know one band who keeps them there!  🙂

The augemented recordings are a project I have not given up on at all. I now have the files from Steve and can get them into my studio. That means I’ll be able to work on them as and when I can. People who buy a CD will still get the tracks (I hope) as one wizard wheeze I’m dreaming up is to offer them as downloads with the link printed on the CD. If you’d like to comment on this, or anything else in the rambling mess of opinion, feel free.

The about wraps up this edition of the FG Blog, so thanks to all of you who read it; and until the Angelic Chorister of Destiny feels that Descending Feeling of Inevitability, until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’


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