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Dark Light, Bright Light, Sunlight and Midnight.

Not the start of a new prog-folk epic gushing from the pen of yours truly, but some keywords as highlights of the past week. For reasons, clarification, announcements and even a review, there’s nothing for it Gentle Reader…

You’ll have to read on…

Poorly parent problems continue, but with their support, so does FG, so, what gives?

The big FG news (Bright Light) is that the CD is 99.9% finished. We have the tracks together, a running order, artwork nearly there, and are now Three Charlies in Search of a Printer (thanks Spike[1]). Feelers are out on this, and we hope to be able to start the hawking process soon. Price is a thorny issue. Essentially we will be looking to cover costs. A few bob on top might go into the FG petrol tank, we may even become rich amateur folk musicians on the strength of our first (proper) CD.

I, however; entertain doubts.

So, a CD from Mr Chris Kelly eh? (Sunlight)

Home by Chris Kelly

Home by Chris Kelly

It is not fair to say that Chris has been threatening to release a CD of his songs for years. It is fair to mention however, that friends have been threatening him for years.

Usually with physical violence unless he got round to making the long awaited recording.

And now it’s here. Or ‘Home’ to be more accurate, as that is the title of this 36 min 9 track CD, presented nicely in a simple jewel case. We all know that Chris can sing, and sing rather well. We know that he can play, better than rather well and as for the in-between jokes…

… they didn’t make it to the CD[2].

So, what’s it like?

The first big surprise is on shoving said CD into the trusty Cambridge Audio; there stutters forth a drum fill.

A drum fill?

On a Chris Kelly song? Fear not, Gentle Reader…

The answer is thankfully very simple. Chris’ son Michael is the production brains behind the recording and is also a more than accomplished drummer – ahh, so there is a  plan here…

Most of the CD is the Guitar and Vocal that we know well. Very well recorded, with the laid back style that Chris has. Songs we have heard him perform around the clubs faithfully and accurately reproduced – and a real pleasure to hear trundling from the speakers. The first couple of tracks hold the surprises as here Chris’ family (daughter Sarah also in attendance) and friends contribute additional flourish to the basic songs. Electric guitar leads, full drum kit, flutey bits and female backing vox are all in the mix. Thankfully, the integrity of the songs survives and are enhanced rather than damaged by a treatment I’m sure Chris initially thought pretty radical. In short, it works.

All in all, this CD is a delight and makes for a highly pleasurable listening experience. The CD is called ‘Home’ and costs £8. Get it.

Stormcrow @ Saltburn

Stormcrow @ Saltburn

Dark Light – well that must be FG friends Stormcrow. Dark Light would probably make a good title for a Stormies CD, and not the “Subtle as a Flying Sackbut” that I suggested to them on Monday. Monday saw FG at The Marine Hotel in Saltburn to play a floor spot and support Stormcrow by being there and by interfering. (This was interference by invitation, I hasten to add). Steve “The Nugget” Wilson backed them on one number and then the massed musical might of FG (one mandolin, one tenor, one bass) joined in on The Stormies rousing track ‘Justice’. To call a Stormcrow track ‘Rousing’ is a bit like calling China ‘Quite Big’ or to class Jeff Beck as “Quite Good”. Rousing is apt but doesn’t quite encapsulate the aural event that Amanda, Mark and Sam can conjure. They are a one band strolling festival, with a massive sense of fun. As usual a great night.

Whenever we play at The Marine we are struck by the welcoming folk, they listened and were kind and appreciative of our spot. If you are in the area on a Monday evening, this club is worth a call. Messy link follows;

There can be few around the acoustic scene who don’t know Fred Brierley and of course Sheila. Usually we run the severe risk of being sold a ‘Folk Roundabout’ regardless of whether or not you already have one! However, news reaches FG from Fred himself that he is starting new acoustic music night, probably a session, at The Green Tree in Tudhoe (DL16 6LE). The evening will be every second Wednesday, the first few dates area April 13th (too late was the cry),  May 11th,  then June 8th Start time is  8pm and refreshments are provided for musicians and singers. Rules me out then. More from Fred on  (waiting for him to ok using the phone number!)

If like me, you like Taylor guitars, you may be interested to learn that Taylor is flat out to satisfy the home market, and their new distribution office in the UK and centre in Rotterdam (or Amsterdam, or possibly somewhere else) has no stock. When it does arrive, it will be more expensive than the current, rapidly depleting stock. So the message is, if you want to buy a Taylor, buy now.

Must have a word with Carol. Armed with flowers. And a helmet.

Comments are quite thin on the blog, although readership is nice and healthy. Initially, I found this hard to understand until I had a look at the blog as a punter rather than the author, and realised how blinkin’ confusing it could be to add a comment. If commenting is your bag (and let’s face it, who doesn’t like a quick spot of commenting), click on the blog title on the left of the screen; this seems to take you to the same blog, but with the option to ‘like’ (can’t imagine who’d be that daft) and with chance at the bottom to add your very own cultured contribution to advance the standard of debate within this learned tome. ‘Go boil yer ‘ead’ would, therefore, not qualify.

Good luck.

Which brings me neatly to Midnight. Literally.

Thank you all and goodnight.

As the aspirant Taylor owner of Destiny meets the Bank manager of Fate, until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

The Wild Side

The Wild Side

…with apologies to Gustave Dore.

[1] In this case, the referenced ‘Spike’ is Mr S Milligan, referred for his seminal work;

[2] Reader warning: they do however, survive in live performance!


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