Inside or out?

The seasons’ turn marks the return of the sun. The world warms and thrills to the sound of the frolicking spring lamb borne on the idle zephyr through languid scented air. None of this is any good to the dedicated folkie (rootsie, proto-acoustic-progster, whatever) as we bustle down the burrows of the clubs, occasionally peering through a grimy window to note; “looks nice out there”, without ever actually venturing forth.

However that may all change, and to find out why, Gentle Reader, welcome to the Fool’s Gold blog, and read on…

Remaining troubled as we are by poorly parent problems, hospitals have again had most of FG’s attention during the week, but we have made some progress.

And so, in reverse order…

Saturday night saw us at The Bridge for an evening of fine acoustic music in the company of Chris Kelly and headliners itsAcoustica. Long term readers will know that both acts are firm friends with FG and it was a pleasure to meet folks again and enjoy a fine set from Chris and Andy & Catherine. Chris has a new CD out and sold at least one to members of FG! A review must surely follow…


itsAcoustica @ The Bridge

Andy and Catherine, collectively itsAcoustica, turned in a superb set, we sang along to every one and indeed yodelled and did the ‘wobbly head’. Some fine playing and nice to see the banjo on its stand. Plenty more pics on the Flickr link to the right of these words. Nice to see John, Mrs John (sorry, my memory…) Sean et alia.

Good also to note that Andy is taking the initiative and thinking about organising a big acoustic music event in late August. FG have been invited (no show without Punch) and have naturally said, yes please!




The CD has also made some progress. We have been auditioning different mixes of songs produced by t’Nugget and I think we have a decent selection to move forward with. Still work to do, but it looks like 8 tracks, running out at about 45 mins, which feels ok to me.

Fool's Gold CD Cover

This is the current version...

Also progress has been made on the packaging. I like Barbara Helen’s CD cover very much. It is of course incumbent on me now to also add that I like the music on the CD very much too, not done in her home studio, but I think it’s her and Les producing some of the finest Barbara Helen music, recorded and produced very well. As stated, the packaging template appeals to me – I’d like to avoid a jewel case if possible, as I think few people retain the original as the play master, and the packaging has to be nice – I find jewel case inserts so disappointing after years of luxuriant gatefold album covers. So a reasonably worked design has been produced with new version of the logo and a fantastic picture taken by FG friend John Twist. We are delighted that he has indicated his willingness (nay, pleasure) at having one of his images on the front – thanks John.

Other than that we have been dusting off a couple of back catalogue numbers and a new song – an epic, long, twisty, vaguely historical narrative with definite proggy bits (what do you mean; you’ve heard it?) centring round a 17th Century Inn. ‘The Old Earl’s Men’ will be played in a club near you soon – maybe even Monday.

Which brings me to the future tense.

On Monday our pals Stormcrow have asked us to join them on their guest spot at Saltburn Folk Club on Monday evening coming.

Ever keen to bugger up someone else’s set, we readily agreed and will probably do justice to one or more of their songs.

Look; ‘Justice’ – yes?


Well come along and find out then!

Oh, and a word to the wise.

We know The Stormies well and are honoured to count them among our friends. You may think we play vaguely historical (at least in inspiration) songs, but just wait until these two (or three if Sam is with them) get stuck in, an entertaining time guaranteed.[1]

Stormcrow Live

Stormcrow live at Ryedale

So, back to the top (or DS al Capo as the Germans might have put it[2]). We may get to see some of the summer after all as FG begins a series of gigs if not actually outside, at least at Festivals. Expect to see us gracing the stage (gracing is a fairly elastic term) at Clennel Hall Festival, Ryedale Folk Festival and Cropton Festival – we’re somewhere else too, but I’ll have to look that up!

And so as the banjo player of destiny clips on the auto-tuner of impossible hope, we hope you have a good week, enjoy and comment on the blog, and until next time, Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] Terms and conditions apply, the management retains the write to backtrack like mad, and in exceptional circumstances deny all knowledge of ever writing a blog.

[2] I know, I know – it was a joke.


4 thoughts on “Inside or out?

  1. “Zephyr through languid scented air” …great line !!

    I knew a bloke with a Zephyr 4 back in the 60s … it had bench seats and column change .. you could cuddle your girl friend without a gear stick/handbreak getting in the way ..

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