New FG Blog? Well, just about…

Sex, drugs, religion and a soupçon of salacious scandal is apparently what’s needed to get on in this media driven world – ask any newspaper editor. We, however eschew such worldly values in the cause of decent, honest and truthful musical reportage.

So, Dear Reader welcome to this weeks’ Fool’s Gold Blog, in which a vicar is discovered in a vat of warm cocaine with a well known politicians wife while singing a lusty chorus of ‘Sundown’. To find out why (or possibly not) read on…

Be thankful, oh my faithful flock of Fool’s Folk Followers; this is a shortie. We are suffering from poorly parent problems and have been treading the hospital visiting path rather too much this week.

However, that is incidental, so the music news, in uncharacteristically short and precise prose.

New Music Night – this has been heralded for two weeks and is at this point still in the air. We hope to be able to say more next week, so stay chooned.

The Album – Mr S Wilson has been slaving over a hot mixer and I am reliably informed that something will be completed next week. He may mean his knitting, his sudoku or his dinner, but hopefully it will be the completed mix of the album. We have a rough design for the cover and are gathering costings at the moment. Basically, it inches nearer each week; not long now.

Middlesbrough Acoustic Music Festival. Hah! That made you sit up dinnit? Yes folks a brand new festival run by FG pal Richard Grainger is starting out next weekend with a gig at MIMA. FG should be there all weekend giving it large with the ol’ Prog folk and hopefully having rare old time as many friends seem to be involved. We hope this gets the support needed to be a success and become established as an annual fixture.

More at:

Also another friend of FG Martyn Littlefair is setting up another Cleveland based venture, this time in Stockton. FG will be playing a full set at his venue on 4 June. As soon as we know more, it’ll be on here. 

This week we’ll only be out once as we’ve been told by parents we have to; Stockton Folk Club should be the landing point on Monday, then M’boro at the weekend.

Hope to see you all around soon, and perhaps have a bit more time for persiflage next time, so until the good intentions of the vocalist meet the location of the guitar player’s capo, until next time Acoustic Chums,

Keep Strummin’


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