The wittily entitled: “Blog #3”

Into each life some rain must fall.

So sayeth a Bard; not The Bard, the geezer with the beard, but some unsung[1] yet remembered wordsmith.

And he was right too.

For more information as to why, and for all FG related newsworthy goodness, Gentle Reader, Welcome and Read On.

This bloggity will be necessarily shorter than last week’s epic missive for three very good reasons:

  1. We haven’t done too much to blog about
  2. Aforementioned rain
  3. No-one much read it!


Issues one and two are, as you may have suspected; related. Carol’s Dad has been under the Knife and has needed collection from Hospital and a bit of TLC. This necessitated your Bloggist driving around Central London this week. If you ever get the opportunity to do the same, please turn it down and mention my name. I have discovered that driving in The Smoke is a bit like a motorised version of Russian Roulette, but without the ‘might’ element.

Issue Three: stats on the blog in the first week were great, comments abounded and all was nice, then the difficult second blog was posted and it all went quiet. Ho Hum.

No matter, we soldier on.

The new Acoustic Evening in Durham should be ready for pupil unveiling in a couple of weeks. This is still at the ‘might’ stage, but is leaning towards the ‘probably’. If you would like to do a hotspot, Early Adopters will get the first couple of available slots.

So there.

Steve ‘The Nugget’ Wilson, the ace with bass, is still mixing the album and we hope to get something out before too long. I’m busy with elements of our full production version, but we’ll have to se if that is going to be ready in time. I hope so.

We’re researching CD packaging and printing options and looking to steer away from the plastic jewel case. Although the most popular and accepted, I think we can make something that is a bit nicer with a three fold card sleeve. As soon as this is costed and nailed I can complete the artwork too.

The future for FG is looking up, the Folk  on The Moor at Ryedale line-up is confirmed to include FG, and we are very much looking forward to that. It will be good to meet up with friends old and indeed new. We still maintain that part of the fun for FG (apart from imminent fame, fortune and when Carol isn’t looking; beer) is the whole social aspect of the thing.

I think that I will keep this short this week, if you liked it, please say so, if you didn’t please say so.

Comments make the heart glow fonder.

And so until the wide-field, super cardioid, gold capsule, condenser mic of Destiny meets the flat singer of fate; until next time music chums,

Keep Strummin’

[1] I acknowledge that it is perhaps unfair to tar Longfellow with a brush loaded with such scant ceremony. Maybe he had a bad day too.


2 thoughts on “The wittily entitled: “Blog #3”

  1. Good to hear from you.
    Hope Carol’s Dad is OK.
    Put me down for the Durham Spot— Where will it be?
    Hope to see you all soon.


    • Mr C Kelly is ‘ficcialy the first on the list.
      Good to hear from you Chris, hope all is well and hope to see you soon around and about. As soon as we have firm details, we’ll let you know.
      Thanks for the good wishes about Carol’s Dad too.

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