Fool’s Gold Blog #2

Somewhere there will be a quiet place.
A place where musicians can go to reflect quietly, practice their playing, ponder their progressions and pamper their pompadours.
But, t’aint here, no sir-ee bucko, for you have arrived at the Fool’s Gold Blog.

The power of the ‘net eh?
A week ago there was no such thing (except in the fond memory of some former users of MySpace) as the Fool’s Gold Blog. And yet, and yet, in a few short days, the FG Blog has exploded from a faded memory to an internet phenomenon with, ooooh, dozens of readers!
Thank you to all you who read last week’s missive.
Perhaps you should not have done, for, Dear Reader; it merely serves as encouragement to produce this, the next episode of the Fool’s Gold Blog.

Welcome Dear Reader, pull up a floor, pour a shot of your favourite tipple (mine’s a large one, thanks) and settle back to learn of the happenings, adventures and even a hint of a future event that some of you will be interested in… read on…

The album (the first proper one) is under mix at the talented paws of The Nugget. So far I’ve heard ‘Fool’s Gold’, which sounded really quite natural and clean. Expect a really clear recording of the way we do things live, sans mistooks. By the time I’ve finished my version (complete with kazoo band, bass drum solo and midi wind chimes) things will be different…. Oh yes, my pretties.
Steve has done a great job so far, and we can’t wait to hear more!

FG has just been booked to appear at The Nest in Barnard Castle. Apparently this will be as part of an arts night, complete with Poets and indeed Poetry. We look forward indeed to providing a Musical diversion, a sort of arts with a kick in it. (Oh come on, do try to work it out).

Saturday saw FG on a road trip to Ingleton to support the Fundraiser. I mentioned this last week, but we did find a very interesting venue on the way back. I’ve been in touch with the venue and await their shocked response before we consider booking our own show in far flung Wensleydale.
Stay tuned.

A little heads-up for you on something that FG might (and I stress might, may, mayhap, perhaps, maybe, can’t promise, but probably) become involved in. A new Acoustic Night near Durham. Oh, yes, be still your beating hearts; a new venue, complete with Nuggetsound, a slightly baldy MC (I cling to the vanity of ‘slightly’) and the possibility of Floor Spots… ..and extended spots available.
This is still under negotiation, but looks quite positive so far. Watch this space, register your interest if you’d like a feature spot, and of course, hope it happens.

We are still learning this new Bloggity thingy; it’s so easy that the temptation not to wait a week has to be resisted. As said elsewhere; ‘Crikey’.

Actually it was me who said ‘Crikey’, although Andy of Folk-Opera Experimentalists itsAcoustica (honest injun, a reviewer said that of them) echoed the sentiment upon discovering that I had used such unusually strong language to express my surprise that some artists at Ingleton Fundraiser were selling their CD’s for £5, £3 or even £1. As we move into the final stages of our CD production, that makes me (and Andy apparently) slightly concerned.
Not that I’m after making a fortune, although that would be nice, but just to defray a few costs, get back the price of a set of stings (Elixir 11’s Phosphor Bronze, since you ask). So I don’t think we’ll be able to charge £1 – that has to be less than the cost of production, surely?

We for The Cutty Wren last evening. A lovely little club that we can’t generally get to, great to see Trevor, Tony, Bob and of course John; what a lot of folks we know down Cleveland way. We were made very welcome and given the privilege of finishing the night off.
(It’s an old joke, but if you want to put it in, be my guest.)
We did well enough I guess; going on at 11.00 is tough on the grey cells, but we did appreciate it. Next down that way will be the Cricket Club. Tony tells me because of business pressures he’s handing the reins of power on…

You may have read of my disquiet with MySpace, it has intensified during the week to the extent that I’m considering cancelling the account. The thing is soooo disappointing now. Reverbnation is another possibility but as other friends point out, it’s too easy to play the system and basically rig the rankings. Not good.

Family bits may keep us a bit quiet for a day or two, although we are looking forward to participating on the new Stormcrow CD – avast, avant, regardez and mines a pint Mark. That will be great fun. Not necessarily quiet, but certainly fun!

In the meanwhile, I suggest you all keep going, keep reading, post as much as you like and until the folk singer of fate meets the perfectly seaworthy ship of destiny

Until next time,

Keep Strummin’


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