Back with a bang!

You couldn’t say life has been slow.

No, not slow exactly.

You could, if you wanted to find out why it is six months since I last laid paw to keyboard to produce an FG blog, blame pressure of work, side projects, decorating, the solstice, lunar eclipse or the malign influence of ancient Aztec Priests.

If you wanted to.

However, you couldn’t say it’s because things have been slow.

Not really.

So it must be time to once again, address you as Dear Reader and welcome you back my friends to the show that never ends, Ladies and gentlemen, The Fool’s Gold Blog.

A new home, new look and supporting a new website. Well, I suppose that announces three new things that have happened since last the misaligned musings of the mutter-meister last had an airing. Since MySpace went, in the humble opinion of the writer, not so much to the dogs but to the lowest common denominator of pusillanimous pooch, I haven’t produced a blog as I was disheartened by the twists and turns that MS took in a seemingly manic lemming-leap to self destruction. A great local and not so local community of musicians and music lovers lost their forum, to be replaced by tabloid functionality and mindless tools. We still have the MySpace.

I suppose.

FG have been busier than ever and it is my intent to tell you all about it. If it’s your intent not be interested in such matter, may I commend to you the little ‘x’ at t’top of the screen?


We’ve played all over the place again and again, many, many floor spots and small appearances, but also a growing number of our own shows as Folk Club Guests or as arranged gigs with friends such as jiva and it’sAcoustica.

We’ve actually recorded the first ‘proper’ album. Steve is busy mixing it, then I’m going to spoil it all with the overdubbed version which will feature more instrumentation and different arrangements to the live versions, as per the recordings from Fish Studio. The album will consist of all FG originals, and will feature the usual Prog-Folk extravaganza’s that we perform in the aforementioned live shows.

It’s worthy of noting that as we go out and about now, we get booked fairly regularly on the strength of a floor spot. I’ve got to say a big public ‘Thank You’ to all those club organisers who book us on that basis, partly because it’s heartening and goes some way to making one think that we might be doing something right. Also, because, sad to relate, there are quite a few places we go to where the experience is… different.

We have a few upcoming adventures, Ingleton Fundraiser, Clennel Hall, Rydale Festival to name but three, so things are I suppose going quite well for a band not yet two. The main thing is that we are enjoying it, and enjoying it immensely. There are so many good friends that we have made that it is a genuine pleasure to run into, it makes going out to clubs a real joy. I also feel that we’re getting a bit better too. Better at playing writing, performing and presenting.

Which brings me to another matter – and probably one with which I shall close this first retrospective.

This is a blog-site. It links to our snazzy website an’ all, but Word press is fundamentally designed for bloggers, and blog readers who comment.

So, if I say something on here that you’d like to comment on, for good or for ill (not that I’d ever say anything with which any sane person could disagree…) then stick it on here. Add your links, comments, whatever you like. I have the site under moderation, just in case any bucketmouth surfs past, or we attract the attention of any bots, but if you are a heart beatin’, folk luvvin’ sing-alongin’, sooth-surfin’ Folkie; (or acousticy, proggy or any adhesion of sticky) the please… comment.

There will be more detailed catch ups and current commenting to come, as and when, and I’ll try for a weekly round-up, but…

Until the folk-singer of Fate meets the ear-finger of Destiny,

Keep Strummin’


11 thoughts on “Back with a bang!

    • How could we forget pickin’ – what a fool I feel!
      Great set from the Heavy-Tinkles Behemoth that is jiva. For those not in the know Jimmy and Val performed at the Ingleton Fundraiser and did a great set of classic tinkles that had the room (unusually) shushed and the FG backing choir in full throat. Excellent.

  1. Great to see you guys making progress – I’ll be interested to hear the keyboard for the first time!
    Thanks for all your kindness and support it’s greatly appreciated.
    See you all of a sudden! John

  2. BTW I know what you mean about myspace it’s such a shame it seems to have gone off in the wrong direction. I tend to use FB much more now but there are things that MS had that are not available on FB – shame!

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